Has The Eclipse That Occured At The Time Of The Crucifixion Been Dated By Astronomers


This is my first posting to catholic answers.I joined because I wanted to find a site where I could get the answer to the following question.
In reading the old testament some months back I came accross an incident where an eclipse occurs. Its an eclipse of the sun.There is darkness over the whole land From that incident people (I mean astronomers with access to computers ) were able to date when that eclipse occured and when the incident mentioned in the bible occured. Actually the actual incident escapes my memory but I think it was something to do with joshua after they had crossed the Jordan. I tried to find the precise passsage a few minutes ago but couldn’t seem to find it.

    In reading about the crucifixion an eclipse of the sun occurs there also.( luke 23 v 44 ) Have astonomers with computers been able to date that eclipse. If they can they would set a precise date for the crucifixion and working back for the birth of Christ.


This is the Wikipedia article on the event: Crucifixion eclipse.


As noted in the Wikipedia article, a solar eclipse at Passover would be a major miracle. Passover occurs only at the full moon and solar eclipses are possible only at the new moon, 2 weeks before or after Passover.


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