Has the #MeToo movement become a witch-hunt to a significant degree?


I once had a male ultrasound tech (for the Very Personal kind of ultrasound) give me a hug after giving me the Very Personal Ultrasound.

Awkward doesn’t even describe it.

Edited to add: I don’t think there were any evil intentions and the tech was a non-native English speaker, so he might have been fumbling to find appropriate cultural expressions in a new culture. As I recall, first one male tech hugged me after the procedure and then the other hugged me.






The ultrasound experience was definitely a data point in favor of, when you’re not sure, DON’T!


A man is needed somewhere in the equation. No woman can be a sperm donor.


If the guy is just a sperm donor, then my “rabid feminism” isn’t going to affect my ability to have a family. Though as Xan and DarkLight demonstrate, you can still be strongly feminist in some regards and still have a fulfilling romantic relationship that lines up with Catholic teaching.


Respectfully, opinion only. Agree with 99%, until last sentence not an excuse And I was not addresssing rape victimes in my post >>>that is a whole different serious topic indeed.

FULLY>> Aree with you>100%>>>>>Through no fault of their own, matters not how one dresses, they will be forced into being sexually abused. Disgusting to the depth, even for words!!. Innocent victims, mattered not what they were wearing etc FULLY AGREE!.

My post opinion, was not discussing innocent rape victims.
Never can be any excuse for such an inhumane forceable act done upon another Human Being !!

Peace :slight_smile:


The Church teaches the family is a mother, father, and child(ren). If that weren’t the case, then the Church would approve of gay marriage.


A lot of us have been sexually harassed in modest attire too. Heck, plenty of times for me I might as well have had a burka on (it was COLD out).

I found how nicely I was dressed had more effect than how much skin I was showing. I got more attention when I did my makeup and put some effort into my hair and the like.


I agree that NO woman should EVER be raped under ANY conditions. I also agree that dress should NOT matter. However, that is in theory. We have to live in the real world. I’m not going to “blame the victim,” but I do think women should be cautious about how they dress and not expose too much because doing so is kind of like an invitation to harass and more whether the woman feels that way or not. And, conservative, but beautiful, clothes are far more attractive anyway. Compare Jackie Kennedy (cannot think of a modern-day example) or Duchess Kate to Lady Gaga or Madonna and her corsets. Who’s more attractive? The first is a classic beauty, the second, a lovely woman, and the third, a phenomenon. The fourth? No comment necessary.


She’s talking about the theoretical biological father of a theoretical adopted child.

The child would belong to her, the father would no longer have parental rights over the child.


I realize that. But a man is still needed in the equation, or there will be no child.


I’ve heard the protocol that a male OB should make some sort of neutral touch before doing the exam. So a hand shake or pat on my arm.

I’ve never had a male radiology tech, Maybe once for an MRI. I did have a male OB. He had good bedside manner.


Come to think of it, the one time I was straight-out propositioned by a stranger, I was wearing one of my very conservative teacher outfits.

That was in Russia and it was probably a crazy dude. I think what set him off was seeing me sitting on a park bench taking off my work shoes and putting on more comfortable footwear. He did turn tail when I mustered a “You go!” which is short for something really rude in Russian.

That was a once in a blue moon event, and it was in broad daylight, so it didn’t scare me. Now if it were happening regularly, it would be upsetting. I did get a lot of street harassment from young teens, and it made me not want to walk around outside in my village. I’d be walking down the street and I’d hear these teen voices behind me yelling, [BLEEP] you, American girl! or yelling requests for particular very personal services. I think at the time it registered as more of a harassment thing or a practicing-their-ten-English-words more than a sex thing, but who knows? It was relentless, and it wasn’t about how I was dressed, it was about being an American woman in a very small Russian town. From what I heard from female colleagues in other very small Russian towns, they got exactly the same stuff.


What is ideal and what is allowed are two different things. I don’t believe the Church has an official position on single-parent adoption. At any rate, it’s utterly beside the point.


It doesn’t.

It can’t. For example my sister is single, God forbid my husband and I died, we’d like her to raise our kids.


So women can mitigate harassment by making themselves MORE attractive? That makes no sense.


You just blamed the victim.


How about by whatever means you think will work? Attitude is the best way for me (thought I am male). Not the nasty kind, but the professional kind. That way I can love and care for women who work for me, yet no misunderstanding has ever arisen in over thirty years. Each must find their way, and dress may be important for some.

Note the topic went from rape to harassment.


It has kind of see-sawed back and forth. The #metoo movement was originally about harassment, although it included rape.



Some people are going to hate to hear this, but minor disrespect for other people’s bodies and personal space is on the same continuum as rape, and carelessness about other people’s personal boundaries is a major red flag that this is not a safe person to be around.

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