Has the SSPX Been Regularized?


Is there a document from Pope Francis and the Vatican affirming this?

Anyways I’m excited if this is true.


I’m not seeing anything Official. So…


This blog doesn’t site sources, and repeats the manifestly false claim that Bishop Fellay has been made a judge on the Rota. And as @Cruciferi points out, nothing official has come out.



This wasn’t sourced from “The Onion”, was it?


This would seem to be Mr. Bogle’s opinion. Mr. Bogle is not affiliated with the Vatican.

So unless and until there is an official statement from the Vatican, no point in getting excited.

Somebody outside the Vatican claims the SSPX has been “fully regularized” about every other month.


Tis_Bearself, this is kind of scary. How many people (mainly Catholics and perhaps seekers from other faith backgrounds) fall for a story like this?!

It seems to me that the author of the article is committing a sin, possibly a grave sin, by making an untruth sound true and deceiving people. Perhaps the author has been deceived by someone else and that’s why they wrote the story about the SSPX, which would put more blame on the original rumor-monger.

At any rate, a lie is a pretty serious sin especially when it leads people astray from the truth.

They would probably, at a minimum, agree that the Ordinary Form is not ‘evil’.

I would go further, agree that the Ordinary form is valid


Mr. Bogle and his ilk may actually believe the SSPX is regularized or is just fine to join. They don’t think they’re telling a lie.

It’s always best to go straight to the diocesan office to ask whether some particular congregation is part of the official Church. Many fringe groups will tell you they’re perfectly fine Catholics when the bishop thinks otherwise.


Or (and this is not the case of the SSPX), that they’re the real Catholics, and the bishop is fake.

Rorate Cæli isn’t reporting it, One Peter Five isn’t reporting it, New Liturgical Movement isn’t reporting it, and New Advent isn’t reporting it. If they aren’t, it hasn’t happened, and if it did happen, I’d expect to see at least five articles on it over on Rorate Cæli in particular.


I won’t believe the SSPX is regularized until the Vatican says so.


Not quite there yet, but they do seem to be heading there in “installments” as it were, without having to do much on their end. It’s an interesting aspect of Pope Francis’ pontificate. Here’s a better article on this:

Since that article other related events have happened such as Ecclesia Dei (essentially created because of the SSPX) was abolished, with Rome noting it being unnecessary since the communities regularly celebrating the EF had reached “proper stability,” and Bishop Huonder–a Swiss diocesan bishop–chose to live out his retirement at an SSPX school without objection from the Pope.

From that article: “Should they wait until Rome has finally condemned Vatican II…” Ugh. facepalm :face_vomiting:


The fact is, there are those in the SSPX who see that as a possibility or even a necessity. But, it seems in spite of that, Rome keeps taking away irregularities.

Yes, I agree. The SSPX and most of their lay congregants see the Church “condemning Vatican II” (whatever that means) as the only option other than remaining apart from Rome forever. I grew up believing it and now it just makes me sick.

It’s an upside-down view of reality.

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Not only is the article from August 5; Bogle claims this occurred already by May 2015 (Bishop Fellay told me himself in May 2015 and I confirmed it with the Rota). If this is true it was around the same time Pope Francis first announced their priests are indeed allowed hear confessions, give or take a few months.

The position on matrimony was a bit misleading. Marriages may be celebrated at SSPX chapels uf the Bishop of the diocese agrees .

This is correct regarding marriages. Unfortunately, in some cases at least (including mine) the SSPX priest refuses to ask the bishop. “We’re not even going to try to get permission because of course he’d say no!” And “Why would you want a bishop of the conciliar Church’s permission, anyway? He’s not a true Catholic!”

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