Has the Theory of the BigBang affected your beliefs on the creation by God?

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No because most people learn about Bigbang before they struggle with idea of God

It hasn’t changed my beliefs one iota. Even if the Big Bang theory is true, God is still behind it. He created all the necessary ingredients and processes by which it occurred. Evolution doesn’t negate creation. It helps explain how creation has unfolded, and continues to unfold. I have always contended that there is no conflict between creation and evolution. Creation is how it all began. Evolution involves the processes God put into place for creation to progress. I have no problem with it.


I don’t believe in the Big Bang.

It doesn’t affect my faith or my interpretation of Gensis because I find it to be a ridiculous theory. If it were somehow proven, it would probably not affect my faith or my interpretation of Gensis because I would be too busy laughing at the absurdity.

Why do you find it ridiculous?

And I didn’t say it did. I said I don’t care.

Depends on which Big Bang theory is presented. If it goes like… ‘A point of infinite potential suddenly exploded without a cause and by chance alone resulted in the universe…’ then no I don’t believe such a thing would happen BY CHANCE.

I mean, on its face it doesn’t seem so bad. Everything was wrapped up in a singularity that suddenly exploded and we’re all just the dust.

The problem comes in when we look at the cosmos and see so much evidence that contradicts the theory. Instead of considering that maybe the theory is wrong, the cosmologists just hand-wave the counter evidence away and hope that soon they’ll find a Grand Unifying Theory that explains it all.

It just smells like desperation to me. Its almos like a religion for the scientific community.

You said: “ It won’t change my belief that God created everything.” and I said “nor would it need to”. :man_shrugging:

Don’t know what that means exactly, but I suspect you believe the theory permits no God?

Which evidence contradicts which bits of the theory?

My favorite part about the Big Bang Theory is Sheldon… but in all seriousness the original argument was rejected by atheists at the time for being too theistic.

The theory was first proposed by a Catholic priest and was criticized as it proposed a beginning to a universe atheists assumed was eternal…
You’ll have to provide peer reviewed references for your assertion that the theory has significant scientific issues.

No… Big Bang is a creation bu God

God gave us minds to understand his creation - to not look and try to understand would be wasting it. Its a special time in the universe we can see the very beginning - God wanted us to see it - he could of waited a billion or 2 years and we would never be able to see it or know anything about it only because we exist now is why we see it. The big bang will be undetectable in the far distant future. Is it just a coincident we are here now to observe it and try to understand it - should it all be ignored ?

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Perhaps does our Original Poster think that Catholics must ascribe to YEC?

It has caused me to have a serious look at deism.

I do believe the theory is incompatible with the Catholic Faith. The Church has not explicitly spoken on this yet, so that would just be my own private theological view and obviously anyone who held a different view could not be accused of heresy, unless they then denied some other defined doctrine.

There are issues with the uniform distribution of matter, problems with red shift inconsistency, problems with super-massive celestial bodies, and also there could be some metaphysical issues that I’m not aware of.

So were a lot of erroneous beliefs and theories. It being proposed by a Catholic priest gives it no more weight than it posseses regardless of who proposed it.

Why? A Catholic priest first proposed the model.

A couple of years ago I saw a very good program on EWTN co- hosted by Father Anthony Mary. One of the discussion guests stated that he felt the ideas of the Big Bang and subsequent evolution of life made God even more brilliant than if he had just snapped his fingers and everything instantly appeared. Personally, I can’t imagine the patience it all took but I agree with the person, whose name I have forgotten.

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Yes, and also read the Bible with more care.

Since the creation account uses the word “day” to describe the situation before the creation of the world, it cannot mean the kind of day which is measured by the rotation of the world. So what might it mean? For an answer we can turn to Psalm 89:4 “For a thousand years in thy sight are as yesterday, which is past. And as a watch in the night,”

In other words the stages of creation even on a purely biblical reading took aeons.

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