Has the time come to name ‘Trumpism’ a heresy?

President Donald Trump exudes an ideology of “America first.” There’s only one problem for orthodox Christians, however – the nation may never come first, because in first place must always be Jesus Christ and his Gospel. In that sense, “Trumpism” is actually a heresy.


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I mean, turnabout is fair play…

“Trumpism” is not a religious viewpoint, but a political one. Not sure if “heresy” fits.

If you choose to argue that it does, then one would call much of the Democratic platform a heresy as well, given its support for abortion and same sex marriage, as well as an affront to the Church’s teaching on subsidiarity, and in many cases “the common good”.

Way too many people are letting their hate for Donald Trump get in the way of their common sense.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency – nay – the very existence of Donald Trump.

That’s right, it’s all hate.

This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd!!! :frowning:

So lemmie get this straight.
Someone starts a thread titled Is ‘Liberalism’ satanic? Nobody bats an eye.
But a thread entitled Has the time come to name ‘Trumpism’ a heresy? All Hell breaks loose.
Ya’ll seriously can’t see what’s wrong with that?

Your being corrected for faulty logic is hardly “All Hell breaks loose”

What a strange article. A simple Google search would have revealed to the writer that the heresy of Americanism consists of an attachment to the error of separation of Church and State, as well as other condemned liberal principles, and has nothing to do with the elevation of a particular country above and at the expense of the Church. Even if preferring one’s country over others were a sin (and it is not), Trump’s nationalism is quite clearly a response to the leftist, globalist ideology of the outgoing Obama administration. His emphasis on “America first,” is obviously limited to the rest of the nations of the world, and does not include the Kingdom of Heaven—as made evident by his pointed mentions of God, Christmas, and the importance of prayer in interviews.

If anything, we can say that it was the secularist, anti-religious agenda of the Obama administration (the unhinged assault on the Little Sisters of the Poor, transgender ideology, homosexual ideology, etc.) which, by putting the laws of man above the Law of God, almost overlapped with Americanism. Paradoxically, it is far more accurate to say that the globalist Obama was an Americanist, while if Trump does as rumored and repeals the Johnson amendment and continues to support the place of religion in the public sphere, his position would lean more towards* anti*-Americanism.

Liberalism has been condemned by the Church, patriotism has not. There is also no question that the French Revolution which spawned Liberalism was demonically inspired; a cursory glance at history will readily reveal that fact.

Only the magisterium of the Church can coin a new heresy.

Je ne sais pas?

This is asinine. Trump is not forming a sect within the Church and teaching them a new dogma or denying an established one, as did Arius, Nestorius and so on. Can we please make arguments like mature Catholic men instead of lowering ourselves to this puerile level of invective, which (to quote Confucius) only dishonours its users? :frowning:

Well said.


Ahhh, so this was a “tit for tat” post. A “two wrongs make a right” post…:cool:

Again, I didn’t write the article. I simply linked it.

Heresy is the wrong choice of words. However, one could argue that there is an idolatry of politics on both sides where one excuses bad actions by ‘ones team’ and attacking all aspects of the other side in a hyper culture war mentality. Both sides have added fuel to the fire for sure.

Oh, come on…Obviously Trump’s policy of “America First” has nothing to do with spiritual matters. This is nothing but click bait.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Maybe its a Hairesy! :wink:

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