Has there been a design modification?


For the past few days, when I am in the middle of posting or editing a post, my “Disclaimer” notice at the bottom of the screen is now covering over the two options below, which I can’t even read now. I’m clicking on options that I can no longer even partially read, but only from memory, know what they’re supposed to say. Is it just me? What about new users? When they’re typing a post can they not read the options for posting or editing at the bottom and have no idea what they say?

And now, on the dark option, all of the posts are highlighted in grey, so everything looks like a block quote.



It looks like there’s already been a post about this. I just noticed it.


There’s been a huge number of problems, primarily with the dark theme, for about the last 2 days. And yes, the disclaimer is blocking some of the features, especially in the dark theme on some mobile phones. I had to switch to the CA theme on my phone or else I could not access the “post” button for replies because the giant disclaimer is over it and I couldn’t get it to move.


I’m on a fairly large computer and there’s the same problem. I hope it gets fixed soon.


No, it is not just you. I can’t read the stuff that is usually underneath the reply box. I can see the blue color, though, so I know it must be the reply button.

Interestingly, the dark theme looks fine in the preview box, just not once you post it.

I also can’t find the just apologetics stuff. I can just get to the sub-forums in apologetics, though.


I just figured that out. Go to https://forums.catholic.com/c/apologetics/none to see the apologetics threads that are not part of any sub-category. You can also do this by hitting the Apologetics link above. Then when it says there are no more apologetics threads you can add none to the end of the URL, hit enter, and it will take you there.

Also here is the link on how to see the threads in Catholic Living category that are not part of any sub-category:


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