Has there been any more GOOD news concerning this...?



“Jesus Tomb Controversy Reopened”

**Please read. The 2nd one(in red) is the latest, I think, of Time Magazine’s. Has there been later news on this? HAS IT BEEN PROVEN FALSE? - I wish. This is so sad. Why did this have to happen!!!? There are so many things that prevent the growth of our faith!!

“…It took 20 years for experts to decipher the names on the ten tombs. They were: Jesua, son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Mathew, Jofa and Judah, son of Jesua.”

“The claim, after all, challenged one of the cornerstones of Christian faith — that Jesus, after his crucifixion, rose bodily to heaven in his physical form.”

“I don’t think it will undermine belief in the resurrection, only that Jesus rose as a spiritual body, not in the flesh.” - there goes the Catholic Church’s infallibility, though!


It’s absurd and sensationalistic, that’s all.
Suppose you heard that a family – Margaret, Jim, and their son Mike – went from Minneapolis to Independence in 1945, and Mike is still alive, in Hawaii somewhere.
Someone calls you in tears. She has found a family tomb in St. Paul. The names are Michelle, Marguerite, Mick, James and Jason, and possibly another one says Belinda but it may just say Beloved and have been effaced. She is certian this is the tomb of the family you know and she thinks Mick is Mike and that he is dead.
The absurdity is obvious. Many people have seen Mike in Hawaii. There are lots of Micks and lots of Mikes and plenty of Marguerites and Margarets. James is a common name. And the family you know didn’t live in St. Paul, but in Minneapolis. And your friends saw Mike off at the airport and one of them even has a card from Margaret from a few years ago, from Hawaii, where she said she stayed with Mike.
Are you worried? No.


So no more news = bad news… I GUESS.
Has there been any more news???


I saw that documentary about this. Believe me it was entirely conjecture that he had the Jesus that we know. The alleged DNA evidence wasn’t done on Jesus, it was done on some dust that was left, in on of the other caskets. And as I recall they specifically didn’t collect dust from the container of Jesus - why?. Besides that, who are they going to compare the DNA to?? They are making sensational claims entirely without basis.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph were very common names back on those days. I believe I’ve read that there were literally thousands of people with those names back in those days. So should it be surprising that they will uncover some sarcophagus with those names?? I for one am not surprised at all.


Fully 27% of Jewish women were named Mary and almost as many men were named either Jesus or Joseph in some form. The forms were flexible.


Archaeologists on the Lost Tomb series of articles fully debunked it last year

More interesting is the recent Dead Sea Scrolls “stone”

Phil P


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