Has this ever happened to you?


I want to know if this has ever happened… either directly like this or even indirectly (for another reason or situation)… but have you ever felt God calling your heart and telling you the answer to your prayer directly? Let me explain a little bit…

When I got pregnant with our first daughter, I was scared of my past and how I didn’t deserved such a blessing. During Mass one Sunday I was praying to be blessed with a baby and I heard (yes, heard) Christ telling me to relax and that I was already pregnant. The second child… I was in Mass and praying to be pregnant again, along with my girlfriend who had suffered through 7 miscarriages. Both of us got pregnant within a month of each other (she did IVF… she’s not Catholic) and she carried to term (praise God!). Then I got a surprise pregnancy which I lost at 14 weeks. 4 months later I said a quick prayer to St. Majella for both my SIL and myself (we both lost a pregnancy earlier in the year), I was singing with the choir “You are Mine” and I saw the lyrics change to “you are pregnant.” Yes, this was in Mass. (Starting to see a pattern?) (BTW, my SIL got pregnant that same month… our babies are only 8 days apart) Well, this morning during Mass, When I was praying, I did pray that if it’s His will, we are ready and willing. As hard as it will be as my DH deploys to Iraq in 2 weeks for a year. Well, I felt that calling again… so who thinks I’m pregnant? :smiley:

Has anyone ever experience such a convicting experience? One that they just REALLY felt God’s presence??


You are a brave woman! :wink:

Now go take a pregnancy test…


Yes I know what you are talking about. I was holding a Counseling session for an internship project in the Church’s RE area. I would go and pray some (to be able to help and say the right words, etc.) before my client came. I literally would pick up the missal and bible and words would come out on what to say/do. It was exciting, yet a bit scary at the same time. My fellow interns thought I was nuts (but my professor - former Jew, turned Luthern, turned Catholic) thought it was interesting :).

My husband is also deployed. He left while our youngest couldn’t even sit up yet and he will be home for leave after he is walking. I keep having a feeling that during our two week leave something is going to happen (like pregnancy - I think about it and it will happen!). I keep imagining how I would tell him, my kids, family, etc! If you are - wouldn’t it be cool to send that pregnancy test in the mail to him - LOL! I could just see the custom’s tag!


yes, these are examples of one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive in Confirmation–knowledge. Charismatics might call this the word of knowledge. Another example might be you teen is trying to tell you something, you know he is worried and upset, and he won’t come right out and say it, talks all around the issue, but you just know all at once what the problem is. When the Holy Spirit gives you the right words to respond to him, that is the gift of Counsel, or when the Holy Spirit guides you in making a decision, that is also Counsel.


How truly beautiful to read such testimonies from our bravest. I have had locutions in front of the Eucharist. I ask the Lord a question and I feel His Presence in my Soul.


I have had similar things happen. The Holy Spirit is so good to us, to speak to us so directly!

Last spring/early summer I was really struggling at work. The struggle had actually begun in the winter and this was God’s will as he was drawing me to him through this crisis.

I prayed and prayed and prayed for another job. I went to the charismatic prayer meetings (our group is pretty solid and focuses on the sacraments) Let me also say that I am NOT an charismatic. I just went to meetings for awhile, and recieved support I didn’t know I needed at the time.

Anyway, I had begun writing down what Jesus was saying to me during adoration. A spiritual director helped me through this. (If anyone has questions, send me a PM, I’m not going to go into it here).

While praying over and over, I heard Jesus telling me (paraphrased)…“You always think the grass is greener elsewhere. If you move, you’ll realize that this is true. Trust me and keep your eyes on me. When it is time for you to move, I will move you.”

I was distraught at this “locution”. The only road I saw was one of misery…I was about to be fired, my integrity was in question although I was innocent of anything other than a misunderstanding, not an intentional act.

When I was being “confronted” on the work issue with a manager and my supervisor, the meeting was immediately after my llunch break,…which I spent in adoration. While there, I heard Jesus say, “Keep your eyes on me.”

I didn’t understand why, until I got to the meeting and was confronted with the lies against me. I was only able to keep my composure by repeating what Jesus had said…and in that meeting, I KNEW I was not alone.

I did not defend myself, because to do so, although legitimate and truthful, would have pulled someone else down and would only have served to make me look like I was saying “but she did it first!”. The person who had lied about me was a company sweetheart. The only option I had was to sit there and take it.

It went into my record, and there it resides.

Then I thought it was over when the husband of the woman who accused me became my manager. Now, I had assisted him in the past…he’d sent messages to my unit when needing something for the unit he supervised at the time and I was quick to respond with the info and any advice. The good news, then, was that I had cultured a working relationship with a manager I didn’t really know.

The bad news was that he now had access to an untruthful record about me and I feared it was the end.

But God is good. In another “locution” during adoration, Jesus again told me to trust him and keep my eyes on him.

This manager may be the best I ever had. He is an alma mater of my college, now knows of my possible vocation (and can keep a secret), yet he is able to maintain the sepearation needed to complete truthful evaluations of my work.

I’m still waiting to be moved, though…and Jesus has been silent on this so far. But I’m back to needing to leave this position.

One of the most important “locutions” (I use the quotes because I do not hear anything…the Lord is speaking through my soul, and he speaks this way for everyone…we just can’t always hear him due to our own dispositions)). …anyway, one of the most important locations told me that it was OK to question whether this was of the Lord, and to pay attention because what he told me would come to pass.

So if you doubt something is of the Lord, DO question. We are not to put the Lord to the test…but we are to be responsible and intelligent about whose advice we are follwing. If it is of the Lord, it will be confirmed by him with more than cozy loving feelings.

I have also recieved messages which were NOT of the Lord, and those, likewise, were not confirmed.

Pray on, my sister. Let Jesus speak to you and take your children often to adoration so that they can also learn to listen to him so intimately.


I’ve definitely gotten nudges in the right direction. Really strong feelings about what to do next. I knew where I was to go to college, I knew I was going to marry my husband after only knowing him a couple of weeks, I knew what my work-vocation was to be. I knew, absolutely beyond a doubt knew that I could trust my surgeon as soon as I met him, that everything would be OK. When things have been uncertain, God’s taken good care of me. What’s got me interested/nervous/reminding myself to trust Him is that I really “feel” like I won’t be at my job this spring. I’m not sure why, but they’re making plans for various projects and I keep getting this “that’s not going to affect me” feeling. I don’t have any plans to quit, but I do have other things I’d rather do. So, I’m waiting to see what’s up. Hmmmm…I’m a person who likes to know what’s happening next so I’m definitely getting a work out in trusting God. I know I can trust Him, but a road map would be nice. :slight_smile:


A few things come to mind that are dear to my heart. The first, when I was in college, I was terrified of fire alarms - we were told that the college dorms tested whenever they felt like it, and even in the middle of the night. I was new and had my own dorm room and was PETRIFIED of waking up in the middle of the night to an alarm. So I asked God to please tell me when they’d happen so I could be prepared. The two years I was there, I knew when EVERY SINGLE alarm was going to occur. I’d just get a certain feeling in my heart that said, “tonight,” so I’d stay up and watch a movie or read a book and wait. I was prepared every time and to this day, that memory brings a smile to my face - if God cares about me so much to warn me about a silly fire alarm, how much more must He care about my soul? I am so wowed by that!

The second is when I saw one of the Brothers of a religious order in his religious garb spending time with his mother and a very clear voice in my head said, “She will be your mother in law.” I was aghast - he was a brother studying for the priesthood!!! Little did I know that he had earlier, along with his spiritual director, discerned that the priesthood was not for him and his mother was there to take him back home. Months later we met again and are now married. Yay! :slight_smile:

And lastly, my sister who has been wanting to get pregnant for some time has been praying at every adoration hour, “Please send us a little baby, God!” Well, a month ago she prayed this prayer again and she said a clear voice answered her in her soul, “But I already did!” She’s due in August.

God is wonderful!


I had a locution once.

I was “talking” to the Lord, and needed help. I asked what I was supposed to do. I got the feeling that I needed to start attending daily mass. I laughed out loud, and said “Why on earth would I do that?”. A clear voice, inside my ear, said “It would please me.”

Needless to say, I went faithfully for 1 1/2 yrs, until the birth of baby #2. I also return whenever I need help, for months at a time.

As for babies, I knew for months that I was going to get pregnant with #4. All I prayed for was that we could get to Disney 1st. (I was afraid dh would say we no longer had the $ for it, and cancel.) The day after we returned, I took the test. Positive. :smiley: I have recently been feeling that #5 will be along soon. I keep finding the name “Lily”. :hmmm: (I am also starting to haunt the pregnancy clubhouse…)


Yes, I have audibly heard the voice of God twice. Once during adoration and another as my second son was being born. I didn’t know it was a boy, but as he was being born God said, “His name is David”, and I didn’t argue. LOL.

So, I threw out my list of names, and he is David. I wonder if I will ever find out why God chose to name my son.



[quote=cheddarsox]So, I threw out my list of names, and he is David. I wonder if I will ever find out why God chose to name my son.

My daughter told a priest who asked her where she got her pretty name from “Jesus told my mommy and daddy that name so it came from Jesus.” I had never told her that… but it’s awesome to hear something so innocent, with such conviction, to come from the mouth of a 5 yr old in the midst of a family gathering during a tragic event (my grandfather had been killed two nights before). And she’s right. After many months of trying to figure out a name… that name just popped out of my mouth after giving birth. I never knew where it came from until she said that… I wasn’t a practicing Catholic when she was born.

God is so awesome!!!


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