Has this film,Pope Joan been released yet?

Thanks to twitter I just found out about the novel,Pope Joan.Has this junk been released yet?
Apparently its either just another anti-Catholic spoof or a story about one of those protestant
made up stories.It seems to be a class C type of film ready for the DVD bin at the supermarket.


Yes, it is utter nonsense!

A few years ago Diane Sawyer narrated dramatically about this “story”. It was designed to make one think that the Church covered something up.

On the plus side, if this comes out, hopefully those who know how to speak well about the absurdity of it all will do so.

We mustn’t let this get us down — just pray for our enemies as the Lord would have us do, inform ourselves as to how to better explain our faith, and become better Catholics.

According to IMDB, it is slated for an October 29th release. Rather appropriate as I’m sure it will be a truly scary movie indeed.

And here I thought it was just an urban legend that they were actually turning this historical fallacy into a movie. Look for lots of good Catholic apologetics materials to be released in anticipation. :slight_smile:

Pope Joan is nothing compared to Pope OBAMA received and hailed by Notre Dame and Georgetown and many “catholics?”.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I dunno… I wasn’t planning on seeing the film anyways, but she doesn’t seem to make a very convincing man.

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