Has Trump made America Great Again?

It is now approximately 3 years since USA elected Donald Trump to be President.
I live in Australia and showing support to Trump is not very popular here but I personally think he has his good parts.

USA people have took a big risk to elect a President who had no political experience but I think his lack of “political personality” was part of the appeal that won his election.
Many Americans were sick of dishonest politicians with political games and wanted something fresh.

Trump made Americans big promises to Make America Great again…So after this time in office I ask CAF Americans Has Donald Trump achieved his goal to make America Great again?

Ie: has unemployment decreased, has USA industry increased etc?
What in general is the sentiment now?



As a USA person, I would have to say definitely yes; regardless of what I might think of him as an individual, by all standards I can see the economy is going strong (including for black Americans) and working-class people are keeping more of their money.

Just to respond to your specifics; yes, unemployment has decreased and industry has increased.

And I’ll be there in November to cast my second vote for him and I’m close to 100% sure he’ll be reelected.


Yes, America still faces challenges, but we are better off economically anyway than we were 5-6 years ago and defintely better off than 8-10 years ago.

We are politically divided though.


Apart from the political division, 'Murrica is chugging along okay. The economy is doing all right; I wouldn’t say it’s taken some huge dramatic path upwards, nor would I give the President all the credit for the economy, because a lot of economic stuff happens for reasons having nothing to do with the President (any President), yet they all take credit for a good economy, and suffer punishment like not getting re-elected when the economy goes bad.

I am pleased with the judges and justices that have been put on the bench during the Trump administration.

Also, when we get in a war situation, I am much, much more comfortable having Trump in office than Hillary. That’s not because I think Trump is a great military strategist, more that Hillary is the type who, based on her track record, would think she knows more than her advisors and might take some very foolish risks. She’s a total loose cannon when it comes to foreign affairs. Trump’s likely going to go along with what his advisors think he should do, which means we have a committee of experts keeping things in check. It’s better that way.


Unemployment is down.
The economy is increasing.
The political division is greater than ever…but I am not so certain Trump is responsible for that.


Has Trump made America Great Again? NO :cry:
This no goes the distance to the Middle East and beyond. No President Trump you have not made America great again.


The issue begs the question of when America stopped being great. When did that happen? Is the new inclusiveness a problem for Americans? Should we melt down the Statue of Liberty?

Trump surely has lowered American prestige worldwide, that’s obvious.


Please inform us how it is obvious Trump has lowered American prestige worldwide.

The economy: increasing, or increasingly precarious?

Given that the president really doesn’t have much, if any impact on the economy, I would say ok, aside from issues that I don’t agree with (lying about manufacturing jobs and infrastructure etc, not making the rich pay their share). I don’t personally agree with his attack on Iran (don’t get me wrong the General was bad) and it didn’t seem logical to go into a country to do that. I think the economy has been going up after the last several presidencies, many argue that Trump is so good because of the economy and employment, but he just got lucky because presidents don’t control that. Do I think Trump has made America Great? Eh, personally no, but he hasn’t done anything too out of sorts. I wouldn’t like to see him re-elected though!

What does this mean please?

Inclusiveness means all people are respected and heard. All folks can be part of our leadership and be employees of and run our institutions.

" Throughout his 2016 campaign and the first year of his presidency, Donald Trump made it clear again and again than unlike his globalist predecessors he’d be an “America First” president who didn’t care all that much what non-Americans thought of him and of Uncle Sam.

If he was inviting disdain from those non-Americans, it seems to be working. Gallup’s annual survey of global opinion toward the leadership of selected nations (the U.S., China, Russia, and Germany) showed a big slide in approval ratings for the U.S. since Trump took office. Though there are some bright spots, overall the world thinks even less of America under Trump than it did of America under the much-despised George W. Bush. And the deterioration of America’s prestige since Barack Obama left office is sharp and unmistakable."

Mr. Trump has made America respected again, around the world. And that’s the best possible outcome for our national security.


My biggest complaint against Trump is that he has done more damage to 2A rights than Obama. Other than that he gets an A-.

Please pardon my ignorance, but what are 2A rights? Or is that a typo?


Second Amendment rights. He says he supports, but he hasn’t really done anything for them and agencies under his admin have cracked down on stuff more than I would have expected.

No one yet has explained to me when America stopped being great. I have a feeling what that means to some but I’m not sure of it.

But a least he doesn’t try to take them away from us and make us totally defenseless. If the liberals have their way, that’s what would happen. Then, we would all be sitting ducks for whoever wishes to attack us. The Second Amendment is second only to the first one for a very good reason.

As to the specific question as to whether or not America is great again or not, I’d say we’ve never stopped being great.

I would say things are better than they were.

What I like about Trump is that he actually behaves like an executive running the business of America rather than playing political games like so many of the other elected officials in this country and around the world. We have more than enough people with legislative political experience but not nearly enough who think taxes shouldn’t be the solution to everything.

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