Has visiting a Catholic shrine changed your life?

I was raised as a Southern Baptist, but I had a lifelong fascination
with Catholicism. In 1979, at age 18, I visited the Basilica of Our
Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Seeing the tilma planted a seed
in my soul. In 1990, I converted to the Catholic Church. I can’t help
but think that the pilgrimage to the basilica was part of my conversion.

I’d like to know if anyone else has had a life-changing experience by visiting a shrine.


I have never visited a shrine and I was born Catholic. I know of the Film a and I would love to see it someday. A lot of people make a pilgrimage to go there and see it. My grandmother was devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It’s a fascinating story. You are lucky. And I’m sure Mother Mary has blessed you for going there.


misspelled Tilma

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I have yet to visit one, If I have time this lent I’ll take a trip to visit a shrine, possibly for a retreat.

This reminds of a shrine I’ve read about of St Therese of Lisieux in Alaska.



Visiting the nearby OLAM Shrine was part of my conversion process, and it definitely was the cause of my wife’s return.



I’ve been to several shrines, and led students to them But I never thought of them as changing my life. They certainly lift up my spiritual life, to be sure. I was Catholic to begin with so I think of visiting them as something we Catholics ought t0 do.



A chance visit to Prague, OK to visit the National Shrine of The Infant Jesus Of Prague, was memorable. I had never seen candle dispensing vending machines before :slight_smile: During another visit we attended mass there. Father is a true shepherd to his flock. It is truly a blessed place.


This is kind of how it is for me, as well.

They haven’t really changed my life.

I can say that going to a shrine though, just kind of solidifies my faith if you will, like going to Mass would do for me. That’s how I kind of look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

We go up to Holy Hill when we can, which is a National shrine, here in Wisconsin.

I’m edified by those who have been healed by going there.

There is a wall by the Marian chapel where people have left canes and crutches/mobility aids. :slightly_smiling_face:

We always stop in the chapel to pray when we go there. It’s my favorite place to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a bit of a drive to get there, so we make the most of our time driving up that way.

For me, that’s also part of the experience, as there’s a state designated scenic highway that you can also take to get there, that is absolutely beautiful.

We could take the Interstate highway to get there, but we take the Wisconsin state highways instead, and enjoy the beautiful farmland and other scenery on the way.

Holy Hill is built on the highest point in the southeastern part of the state, so as you drive towards it, you can see it from miles around.

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I think what stirred my faith was that the Blessed Mother left this impression of herself on the tilma of St. Juan Diego. It’s the kind of miracle that made me think WHOA. Millions of people converted after that impression was given. It’s nearly 500 years old, and it’s still there.


I would love to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You are very fortunate!
There is an old Catholic mission south of Tucson founded by Father Kino in 1692 called
San Xavier del Bac. It is beautiful. I began visiting there in the early 90’s and I believe it
had a big impact on my spiritual life and played a part in my conversion to Catholicism.


visiting a Marian shrine had changed my prayer life; no doubt

I felt Mother Mary was calling me to pray the Rosary

i went to Mass & confession at the local Marian Shrine ;


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In my experience, visiting a shrine reinforces what I already know (but aren’t putting into practice very well) and gives me strength and encouragement for the journey.

I can’t say I had an experience that turned my whole life around…

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I quite agree that the Blessed Mother has blessed me for going there. :latin_cross:

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We became Catholic 8years ago. Two years ago we visited all the sites in Rome. That was impressive, but the most spiritually powerful place we went was Assisi. Words cannot describe. We walked the same places that ordinary people like Francis and Claire received graces to become holy. After awhile, you come to realize that those graces are there for you too.


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