Has your Priest been reassigned? It is that time of year

We got the news at Mass yesterday. The priest we have today is alot more traditional then most in our area. He is being promoted to another position and this position will enable him to help others become priests. This is the good part, our area has been loosing priests not gaining professions.

Now we just need prayers that the new priest will be none judgmental to those of us that are more conservative then some others in the parish.

Our priest left last week-end. We have a visiting priest until the “permanent” one arrives at the end of the month.

Yes, we got the news yesterday, too. The Accent, the diocesan newspaper, was not published last week, so the news of diocese-wide transfers will probably not be known until the next issue comes out. The affected parishes probably have the inside scoop for the moment.

In our diocese priests are rarely sent to other parishes has they used to be.Today deacons are the people usually sent to other parishes. we have two priests. One is the pastor and the second is the assistant and we have one deacon.

:frowning: Kinda sorta.

My parish has a pastor and a parochial vicar. The pastor is staying, but the parachial vicar is leaving to be the pastor of his own parish. On one hand, I am sad that he is leaving us because he is a really insightful guy and does a great job as confessor. On the other hand, I am happy for him because he is sort of being “promoted” to the position of pastor after being ordained only a few years ago.
In reality, he is an Oratarian, so he will not be outside of 45 minutes from the Oratory all the priest live at, so it isn’t like we’ll never ever hear from him again. There are only about handful of these guys who are heavily active, so anytime a parish has an event, most of them show up…you know, priests and free food…:smiley:

My family was running slightly late to Mass so we arrived in the middle of our pastor announcing his reassignment and reading the letter he received from the bishop regarding it - unfortunately, we’re still kind of in limbo until the next issue of the diocesan paper because we didn’t arrive in time to hear where he is being sent or how soon it will happen.

His reassignment is a big blow to lots of people because 1) he is the only priest to celebrate the TLM for at least 100 miles and 2) our parish has been steadily growing during his tenure because of him - it is a poor, run down area of town and I know the numbers aren’t increasing from people moving into the neighborhood. He is also getting on toward retirement age (his 45th jubilee is coming up within the next few weeks) and expressed to us Sunday that he thought he’d be allowed to die in our parish. Sunday Mass was a great occasion for me to work on loving obedience to my bishop as to Christ and trust that the Lord will take care of our community.

There weren’t many reassignments in my diocese this year. There were nine assignments in total. Of the nine, one was a health leave, one was a sabbatical, one was the assignment of a newly-ordained priest, and three were additional assignments with the priests (or deacons) keeping their original assignments, as well. So, only three actual reassignments.

Pastors are rarely changed in my parish – whoever is pastor of my parish has to manage 17 buildings – not a job for just anyone. :stuck_out_tongue: My parish is twinned, so the priests also minister to the other parish.

Our associate Pastor is going to be reassigned (he has been a priest only 2 years), but our dear Pastor died on May3 of cancer–he was only sixty and had been ill only 6 months-so we have just been appointed a new Pastor. We also have a new Bishop, since April, so we will have a new everything. We have just completed our Mourning Period and the drapes and banners have been taken down. This will be a time of change for us, but the new Pastor is a very good man.

Both of our priests are being reassigned. We now have two completely new priests coming in at the beginning of July. It should be an interesting transition, because this is the first time that I can remember of two priests within my parish being moved in the same year. I just hope that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Pastor has not been reassigned. The Vietnamese assistant has been transferred and the other assistant has retired, but both have been replaced.

We got our new pastor last week. I loved my old pastor dearly, but the new one I am totally thrilled about!!! Not only does he like to sing the kyrie, but he got a funny look on his face when our choir director went on to the Gloria (childrens version with clapping). Long story but the choir director has been the bane of my existence for years. Anyway, I am confident that there will be some changes made to the music. He also uses a different Eucharistic prayer that I liked better… and he was really nice when my kids volunteered to altar serve because the scheduled kids didn’t show up… very appreciative. He talked to us for a bit after mass and he seems really nice. Funny part… he describes himself as the runt of the litter…and he is 6’4" and I am guessing a good 300+lbs.

The pastor is staying, but the parachial vicar is leaving to be the pastor of another parish. Sigh Now who will give homilies about the Blessed Mother? I’m going to miss him, but this promotion was inevitable. So, I’m happy for him and sad for me.

Pax Christi,

One of our Parochial Vicars has been reassigned. He is being replaced. We also have a Sr Pastor, another Parochial Vicar and a priest in Residence. Very busy and very reverant here!

Our Parochial Vicar was reassigned. I am just devastated as we really love him.

Our Vicar who left told the story of a priest who was leaving. One of the parishioners expressed her distress. The priest assured her that the bishop had promised to send a very good replacement. She wailed,“But that’s what he promised last time.” :smiley:


I hope our priest doesn’t leave, we only have one! lol

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