Has your spouse become Catholic?


If you married a non-Catholic, has your spouse become Catholic?


I was the spouse who became Catholic - does that count? :smiley:


My spouse wasn’t Catholic but of course neither was I :slight_smile: We both became Catholic this Easter.

However she was much more reluctant being non-baptized and from a long line of Baptists. I “felt” Catholic and was ready to come home a while back but it was great that we were able to come into the Church together.



I think it should :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure how to include that in the poll without making it confusing.


We were both non-Catholics at the time of the wedding. I converted to the Catholic faith in April of 2000. He has no interest at all in the Catholic faith.


DH is not Catholic - or anything. Comes to church though and agrees with raising our children Catholic. One can always ask for St. Monica’s intercession. :slight_smile:


Me too! :smiley:


I was also a spouse who became Catholic.




My husband became Catholic 6 years after we were married.


:yup: My husband joined the church last year at Easter, praise God! (4 years after our marriage.)

It has been so wonderful to share my faith with him and watch our children grow up learning about our Church.

Prayers for all you out there who still desire your spouse to come on home! :slight_smile:


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