Has your wife ever said “you’re getting too religious”?


Not when his wife is obviously very upset at him not going. Sorry, but keeping a happy wife is doing God’s work and it’s not sinning.

I can understand why his wife was frustrated.


Who said anything about him going to every church function? He signed up for a retreat. That is not on the regular schedule.

Again, God comes first. There will always be reasons to put God second once you have a family, but you cannot do that. God comes first.


@irishmom2. Yea most likely.

What’s worse is I found out later that I could’ve gone to the retreat late! Ugh.

Luckily that particular incident resulted in some open conversation between her and I. We have since then started using planners and we lay down our plans very clearly. Some timing conflicts still arise but those seem inevitable.

Right now she’s simply saying that me practicing fasting, praying the rosary, reading the Bible, posting the saint of the day up on Facebook and Instagram is overwhelming.

Oh yea…she’s currently home alone since I’m gone for a business trip. I go home on the weekends though. Maybe it’s just the panic of feeling like a single parent and she sees me enjoying my faith as if I’m on vacation mode…?

I’m praying that she prays on this and comes to be ok with this. Or even better joins in!!! :hugs:


God comes first. But being a father and being there for his son and his wife is worshipping God. Y’all chill


People shouldn’t be made happy all of the time. Relationships aren’t one sided. :notes: It’s a game of give and take :notes:

Planning and scheduling so she isn’t caught off guard or overwhelmed should be more than sufficient.


So, wouldn’t keeping a happy husband being doing God’s work as well?

Who said anything about it being a sin? :flushed:


Dunno. I know from experience that keeping your woman happy will make you happy lol


Keeping the wife happy makes the husband happy


Trust me…I don’t attend every function. In fact I backed out of one because I had forgotten we had plans for my youngest son. It was his birthday party (it was his first birthday party…so I’m still getting used to this. Haha)

Anyway, I don’t attend as many functions as I’d like but I also recognize my calling as a father. I’m there for my family as often as I can be.

There is a balance to this and I’m praying that God helps me to find this.

God bless.


Wow, where are you getting all of this from?
Really? Because it sounds more like wife/husband worship to me.


Society’s Problem: Me Me Me


Keeping the wife happy makes the husband happy.

No, both should be equaling striving for happiness for the other. It’s not one sided.


I don’t think so. I just think there’s more to what she’s saying than OP can realize or has shared.


It shouldn’t be about Me or Her it’s supposed to be about WE :blush:


I think the OP probably realizes more than any of us would. When you get married someday SacredHeartBassist, you will perhaps see things differently.




That’s good that you were able to have a conversation and use planners. Family dynamics change every time someone new is added in, or any time a new job, or school year etc begins. Just when you get into a routine, it changes! :wink:

Fasting, rosary, reading the bible, FaceBook, are all sort of your personal things that you do yourself so I don’t understand why that bothers her…or is overwhelming.


Cruciferi spot on with that hook rant! :ok_hand: and I like ‘We’ instead of ‘me’

@SacredHeartBassist I’m sharing what is relevant here to my particular concern. When you get married you go through a program for engaged couples…I forget the name of it…but one question they ask is:

How important is it to keeping the peace in the house?

Basically, how important is it to keep everybody happy and not arguing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re gonna ruffle up the feathers once in a while and being indifferent or silent on certain things to save a feeling is not the way we ought to live.

@Irishmom2 I asked her why does it impact her too! I mean, it’s my social media so if someone doesn’t like it they can keep scrolling. (But maybe there’ll be that one that does and the seed is planted!)

She told me everything I do impacts her. When I pressed her on this she started to struggle to have any response. I honestly didn’t want this to turn into an argument so I let it be. This was via text message that turned into a FaceTime…seeing as how I’m in a hotel room currently.




I think we should not be that judgemental on the OP. Well, maybe the change was a bit quick and he talked about this renewed love for Christ a bit much and it was simply strange or annoying for people who knew him differently first . But honestly, the other reality is that many, many people are Catholics mostly in theory/out of tradition and don’t feel that deep spiritual impact on their life even when they respect the church law. Best case this is part of marriage prep to see if this is compatible, but we are not equally connected to our faith during our life. The guideline for a Catholic marriage, however, is to put God first, and even if some couples are ok with this as a theory rather than a daily practice, it shouldn’t be the fault of a spouse wishing to improve this.
To the OP:
Is there a way to do more parish activities for couples rather than men only stuff like the Knights of Columbus? Do you have a priest she likes as well and would be open to talk to with you together?

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