Hasbro recalls Easy Bake Ovens


Here’s the link.

I heard it on the radio news this am & remembered that there was an earlier thread in this forum about recipes…figured those of you with kids w/these toys might appreciate the heads up!


AGH! :eek:

Thanks for the info!



I don’t know about any other mother’s, but I HATE that toy!

I threw ours away because I found it so annoying. I wouldn’t even give it to my woarst enemy. If you want to teach your child to bake then teach them to bake. That toy takes all day to cook a bit size cake, leaving one child happy and the rest crying for cake. The mixes are awful! We would mix up a regular cake mix and then spend the entire day trying to bake it. If they are old enough to be in the kitchen, then cook with them and ditch that awful toy!


I disagree.

The newer models don’t use a lightbulb and it takes 12 minutes to finish baking.

I bought a book with recipes to make without using the expensive mixes.

You can’t use a regular cake mix because the oven doesn’t get hot enough to get the eggs to the temp needed.

I, along with many of my friends, find them to be really fun for younger children. With supervision.

How are children getting their hands stuck in them? THat is what the “pusher” is for, so the child doesn’t have contact with the oven itself.


I agree. I bought my daughter one for Christmas 2 years ago and the thing’s a pain. I’d rather just cook/bake with her and the other children. I’m trying to find a way to loose it, lol. I don’t know what I was thinking…


That makes me feel a little better. I never had an Easy Bake oven as a kid, but I received as a present one year a children’s set of baking tins, and cake mixes. I didn’t have the Easy Bake oven, and my mother would never let me near the real oven, so all I could do was look at the tins and smell the mixes. :frowning:


I honestly danced around the trash can when I tossed. My daughter was not even upset about it. She wanted more space in her closet. It was a glorious day! Just thinking about it makes me smile.


I had a Little Suzy Homemaker oven when I was a child and adored it. I actually just reclaimed it from the hand-me-down toy collection and though it no longer works it had a lot of fun memories.

Thanks for posting the recall info Stephanie!


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