Hasn't the lds church undergone its own great apostasy?


Yes it has both as to doctrine and membership, and this Church is not yet 150 years old. A. There are many groups claiming to originate from Joseph Smith and they seem hopelessly divided. They accuse each other of being heretical and of espousing doctrines that are not of Joseph. For example of the Reorganized LDS Church denies the doctrines of a plurality of Gods, polygamy and baptism for the dead, all major teachings of the Utah Church.

Actually, the Salt Lake City based LDS church no longer teaches polygamy. But you are right, the LDS church has undergone its own great apostasy.

The Utah LDS Church still has the revelation calling for polygamy in its Doctrine and Covenants. The latest revelation on polygamy simply made it inactive. So, it is possible that at some point in the future (obviously not near future), polygamy could be a allowable in the Utah LDS church.

A current echo of polygamy is seen in the sealing rules. If a man’s wife dies and he was sealed to her, he can be sealed to another woman (who is not already married), without a sealing clearance. In contrast, a woman cannot be sealed to more than one man, whether or not her husband died.

Mormons change their dogmas more offten than I chang my socks. the lds apostasy started with smith when he kept re-writing the book of mormon (or moron as I call it). He could not even stay true to his own “revelations”. people are attracted to it becuse it feeds the pride of human beings in wanting to be gods.

Male members of the church joke about how one day polygamy will return, how they’l have more than one wife yada yada yada. Although the main body of the LDS Church refrains from actively teaching the doctrine of polygamy it is implied that it will one day return into church practice.

The United order was another doctrine the church no longer practices. It is a socialist order where everyone contributes to the whole then the church distributes based on individual need. It is freaky how the church organization itself is set up like a shadow government, and runs with the fluidity of a major corporation(which it is).

The best part is bringing these subjects up to a Mormon Bishop or Stake President or any of the High Ranking officials and see them try to side step the fact that here are two expressed comandments revealed to their prophets by God, yet they choose not to follow.
Just funny.

Smith’s teaching about a continuous guidance for the Church in order to keep it together in doctrine and practices by means of constant revelations (modern day revelation, the Mormons call it) from heaven, has actually failed Joseph Smith’s Church. It has experienced a falling apart and a disunity Smith never counted on. Many Mormons have left their church, while many more remain in, yet smoke, drink and reject polygamy even in theory. Thus the Utah Church exists as just one group out of the hundred or more (estimated) groups that base their beliefs on the teachings of Joseph Smith. Today the Mormon Church can be seen as part of a great apostasy that occurred in the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints.

Agreed. It is rare to find a member who acepts ALL of the teachings of the church. According to them divinely inspired teachings at that. You mention Plygamy in a Mormon Church on Sunday in an Elders Quorum class, and try to disscuss then it goes two ways, either it is hushed out and the disscussion is closed, or it turns out to be a crude wish wash of jokes laden with inuendo concerning all the applications of Plural Wives.

There are other teachings, and revelations as well. From the United order to the Preisthood, even to the succesion of Prophets virtually all of those teaching/Revelations are not followed according to how God wanted them to be followed.

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