Hastings, Minnesota, Lawyer Suspended for Religious Slurs against Catholics


She has been temporarily suspended from practicing the law after her virulently anti-Catholic remarks as a lawyer against Catholic judges and other Catholic court personnel went over poorly.
see www.twincities.com/crime/ci_24613398/hastings-lawyer-suspended-religious-slurs


This is good news.


First I’ve heard of someone suspended for what included anti Catholic statements.
Glad to hear it. Hopefully she’ll learn a lesson.


Praying for her conversion, that she no longer be an enemy of Christ and his church.Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen


She sounds a bit unbalanced, to be honest :frowning:


I agree - there is more to this than just being “Anti-Catholic”. What would make an attorney in the U.S. think that such comments in official court documents would be acceptable?

May God help her.



She needs a mental evaluation before being allowed to practice law again.


It looks like this woman was embroiled in one of the many (rather mental) quasi-Hindu cults that still fascinate the West, and there was a clear conflict of interest.

Moral of the story: cults are bad for your mental health. :stuck_out_tongue:


She definitely should not include this kind of language in official court documents, but she got into trouble because she made the statements about judges. I hate to be cynical, but if she had made similar slurs regarding homosexual judges her suspension would have been longer, or if she had made slurs against witnesses, the suspension would have been shorter.

She was judged by judges, not by public opinion, for slurs against judges.


It took them long enough. This started quite awhile ago (2011). If I recall correctly, she first tried to blame the client for the court documents. Then it just went down hill from there. She’s a complete nut and will likely end up getting disbarred eventually.

Petition for discpline filed against Rebekah Nett


I think she was disciplined in Wisconsin earlier this year, but I can’t seem to find the news article right now.


Now I agree that any language of this sort is unprofessional. But does anyone on here recognize the hypocrisy? When someone gets fired or suspended for making anti-gay statements, its immediately decried as an affront to religious liberty, but when someone is suspended for anti-catholic statements, its celebrated. This is what I find the most disturbing. Don’t get me wrong though, I think that any professional who makes any statement like this, be it anti-catholic, anti-gay, racist, or sexist deserves to suffer the consequences.


There is no hypocrisy. If an attorney made similar remarks but accusing judges of being part of a homosexual conspiracy and being a homosexual knight witch hunter, they would similarly be disciplined. The real irony, that if an attorney had made such comments they would have been disbarred rather than just suspended.

An attorney making filings before the court is in a much different position than someone making statements in their personal life or in social media. So no, there is no hypocrisy.


I’m commenting on the hypocrisy of people on this forum. The same people who celebrate this suspension are the same ones who would be calling punishment for anti-gay statements a violation of religious liberties. Obviously there would be similar consequences for anti-gay statements… but the response would be completely different on here.


Attorney’s are expected to uphold a certain standard of conduct in order to keep their license. It is not the content of her words so much as her unprofessional behavior that got her into trouble. It would not matter to me whether she was accusing the judge and rest of the court of being part of the gay lobby out to get her, she should not be practicing law.


Do you have a thread to back this up or are you just making unfounded accusations?


That is a rather bold assumption.

As an attorney in the same jurisdiction as this attorney I am more than glad she has been punished. She made these comments in filings to the court. Any attorney should know that rights one normally has, do not exist inside the courtroom. Inside the courtroom, the judge’s word rules. They can submit a petition to the ethics board or throw you in contempt for just about anything, with only minimal recourse to outside influence (appellate judges). However, outside of the courtroom, on the street, or on social media, one has a right to one’s opinions, and free speech (subject to some limitations). If this lady had been standing outside the courthouse with signs and shouting at people, and accusing judges of being part of a Catholic conspiracy, nobody would have given two hoots. Even as an attorney, she can choose to stand on the street and make these comments. However, when these statements make it into official documents and court filings, then there is a problem.

You see, even if the other people on this thread, have made comments like you allege, (which you have not shown), this person’s situation is such as to make a substantive difference in how she should be treated as compared to other situations, where accusing people of anti-gay comments could be considered an affront on religious liberty, depending on where the comments were made. (Were they made at a church?).


Again, I agree. My comment was pertaining to the reaction of those who frequent this forum.


There have been entire threads dedicated to decrying punishment of people for making anti-gay comments. And if you’re going to use the religious liberty argument to justify anti-gay comments, wouldn’t you then have to apply that same standard to anti-catholic statements?

Do you honestly think that if this exact same situation occurred with a lawyer being punished for anti-gay statements, that the response on here would express the same approval of the punishment as is being offered here?


It probably would not even come up on this forum, (if an attorney even dared to express such views in front of a judge).

And yes, other religions (and atheists) make anti-Catholic statements all the time. Some of them, in the context of their religious services, but you don’t see this forum blowing up about every Jack Chick pamphlet do you? All you have to do is read comments sections of news articles about the Catholic church. Again, you don’t see this forum, call for these people to lose their jobs. It is however, different, if a news anchor on the news, a doctor while treating a patient, a teacher/professor in the classroom, a lawyer in court, or a politician make such statements.

And you have yet to define anti-gay statements. Is it anti-gay to say you don’t believe there should be gay marriage? Should a person who says so lose there job, (if the statement was made outside of the work place? That would be inordinate punishment don’t you think? So you have yet to show the people on this thread have responded in the way you accuse and you have yet to define what you mean by anti-gay statements, and if the reactions are indeed similar enough to this case to make it hypocrisy.

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