hate job

I hate to complain b/c I know I’m lucky to have a good paying job but I hate it and I am stuck here at least a few more years…I never complain about it until now…
Anyone else stuck in a job they don’t like?


The actual job isn’t bad, but I don’t like the majority of my coworkers, the management is stupid and my shift is Tuesday - Saturday, 4:00pm - midnight.

i hated my job and now i adore Jesus full time!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I have worked at the same job for the same employer for 14 years. Until earlier this year, I loved my job. Then, afgter a rearganizarion, it turn out that one of my new co-workers was an honest to goodness anti-Catholic bigot. “Look, I don’t hate the Catholic Church, but the Pope is a Nazi and, you know, Nazis are bad people so what does that make

This bothered me greatly and I complained. For months, it seemed like nothing was goinf on.

Then I learned last week that he is “resigning”; his last day is this coming Friday. What a relief. Since his rather public comment, we have not even had a departmental meeting. Now he is leabving and going to work for a child development company.
And no, I have no intention of making ny parting shots at this bigot.

Well I was – but now I’m laid off!

Actually I did like the company very much and even my last assignment wasn’t all bad, but I didn’t like the travel at all or the crazy hours. Now I don’t travel anywhere and have great hours! :wink:

I will pray for your job situation, and you pray that I find a new job.

I dispise my job! I never used too. But, like some others here, our Co. got bought out, and the Co. that runs us now treats all of us like slaves. I am constantly belittled by my boss, who knows nothing about fixing machinery but is a Maintainence supervisor! Everyday, I wish to be fired, but never am. I can’t quit because of financial obligations and not being able to draw unemployment. I guess I should be thankful, but it’s really getting old. Sorry about ranting! Hang in there! I guess I am not alone! lol! :wink:

Take it easy!,


*Hi dash–I don’t hate my job…I actually like what I do…enjoy it on many days. We all have our ‘bad’ days though. I don’t always agree with decisions made at the corporate level, but such is life. Even if we owned our own businesses, there would be negatives. There will always be positives and negatives in ANY employment situation.

I will say though, a way to look at your job that might help you better…is to always view wherever you are, as a chance to serve Christ and others. As long as you work for a company that you feel isn’t doing unethical things, then feel good that you are using your life to serve God and others–in your place of employment. Let others see Jesus through you, might be their only chance to ever see that. Offer up your work each day, as a prayer to God. You sound to be grateful, but show it as you honor the Lord in your work.

I think that everyone gets in a rut…sometimes, it can also mean that God is calling you elsewhere. Maybe put your resume out there, and see what happens. Sometimes, those feelings of angst are God urging you to expand your horizons. But, whatever you do, don’t get negative…the devil loves when we are down…when we ‘hate’ this or that. Instead, take those feelings, and offer them up to God…and offer each new work day to God…and ask Him to reveal the possibilities to you. Offer up each new day, as a sacrifice to God…ask God to help you to serve Him and others at work…in whatever way He reveals to you.

I assure you, that when you apply this in your everyday work…even if it seems mundane, or like you’re stuck–you will have a different outlook on your work. Now again, if you are truly feeling at a standstill…have been there a while…and you’re just not progressing…or are not treated well, etc…maybe it’s time to move on.

I got your note earlier, and I’ll reply to that, on your ‘wall.’ Hope this helps. :)*

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Wow…I’ve thought of making this same post several time. I retired from the military and went to work as a defense contractor. After a year, I changed companies and started working on the business side of the defense industry (as opposed to directly providing professional services to the military.)

I’ve really liked both companies, the money and benefits are excellent, and I work from home. Lots of positives. Unfortunately I am getting less and less tolerant of the ethical swamp I have to wade into nearly everyday. I’m beginning to think that I need to make a serious change in my professional life, and search for something that doesn’t seem so corrosive to my soul.

Unfortunately, reality kicks in…mortgage, two kids in Catholic school, and a fairly comfortable lifestyle that we enjoy are serious motivators. On the plus side, I’ve been able to donate generously for a new Parish sign, new doors on two of the school buildings, as well as make a generous weekly contribution.

I could drop all that quickly if I could figure out what I wanted to do, but I can’t in true conscience leave a good paying job (and one I’m good at) without having something else lined up.

Weeeeeell, some of us would like a job. Almost any job. Please God, a job. Unless you are being forced to do something immoral, lucky you.

I’ve been at a job I don’t like for over 8 years now… :o But it pays the bills.

It’s taken me over a year in my current position to start to like my job. Of course, now that I’m married and we’re trying to get DH’s career off the ground we’ll probably be moving soon. Sigh, the irony :rolleyes:

Been there done that. Law firms weren’t easy on me. In the first one, they didn’t pay for two months and they paid pennies for the third. The fourth would also have been pennies and the fifth would have been double pennies, which would still have been pennies. I quit at the end of the third.

The second law firm paid a multiple of what the first one did, but the jobs were more menial and less developing, plus I had to work more hours and it wasn’t all that great in some other aspects. They didn’t prolong the contract with me upon the third expiration.

So I started teaching Legal English which took a boost from having worked for top law firms. And then I took up translation, which took a boost from teaching Legal English and having worked as a lawyer where you worked in English much or most of the time.

I didn’t really like teaching so much (I like lecturing and mentoring, but not the school kinda teaching) and translation has its bad aspects like anything, but it’s a good job. Definitely not the target one but we’ll see yet. Maybe I’ll be able to skip the junior associate stage and jump in as a qualified lawyer right from being a legal translator (which is far less menial than being a junior associate).

So, from my experience, suck it up if you don’t really want to lose that job and keep in mind that the market isn’t a good aunt and it won’t be kind on you. Change isn’t a merry ride and being new to a job isn’t all that great. You always kinda start anew. And you tend to regret losing well-paying jobs after some time seeking a new one. But if you really can’t keep it up and you know you’re wasting your time and talent, do move on. Make sure you have the skills not to be confined to a single job description and get yourself a good resume (CV) and covering letters and portfolio and recommendations (from teachers too, doesn’t have to be employers) and be ready.

And possibly you might be one of those people who are never happy until they start their own business. It’s not that difficult in the States. You just file a DBA (Doing Business As), you probably have to do some paperwork with the tax authorities and you can actually get money from the local authorities for the start-up of your business… or some free know-how or other free thing (which from their point of view is a worthy investment in the future of the nation, in which they are completely right). So if you have that kind of thoughts, maybe it’s worth a try. If you hire good accountants, you might be able to write off consumables (resources needed for your job and running out as you use them, such as printing paper and printer cartridges, possibly petrol and stuff), perhaps advertising and marketing expenses etc from your taxes, so it might actually not be so bad. Besides, while being a “senior this” or “manager of that” looks rather good in a resume, “owner” never looks bad, even if it’s street sweeping.

I’ll probably be starting a business soon too, you know. The only thing keeping me back is that as a freelancer with neither an own business nor institutional ties to someone else’s business, I get a sweet 50% deduction from all takings (known as “authorship costs” in my country and translation counts as authorship). But I kinda long to become the owner of my workplace, you know. It gives you a certain measure of comfort.

Thank you all for your posts, that particular night I started the thread, I was having a bad night at work…I am grateful to God that I have a job to pay the bills…Someday when my kids are older, I could get something I really enjoy, my field is very versatile…I went to Mass on Sunday and feel much better and I’m going to do my best at my job!.Thank you Lord for giving me a job…

I hate my job also. I have my bachelors, and I work in a call center for a bank. Most of my co-workers are very bitter. I’m currently looking for another job, becasue I don’t want to end up like them. I’ve had customers threaten me, and I had a stalker follow me on Myspace. The only way I make it through each day is becasue of God.

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