Hate Radio and TV

Hello everyone,

Please do not listen to hate radio and watch hate television lightly. Even if some of them say things that may go along with what one believes, the instrument of hate will corrupt those who hear them. Hate begets more hate and perverts ones beliefs. If you lose your faith, but win your political or personal wars, what do you really have?

What are you defining as “hate radio?” Does the KKK have a station I’m not aware of or are you referring to the Al Franken vs. Rush Limbaugh types of political struggle shows? Be careful that you don’t react against activists with different values as you and use the word ‘hate’ as an unfair derogatory put-down. Some do. (not necessarily you)

I listen to NPR and to Rush, Sean, and watch Bill. But I remember when Walter Cronkite et al reported the news objectively. Vietnam changed all that.

I don’t see the voice of the opposition as hate. But there is a huge gulf in objective journalism between NPR and Fox News…a huge gulf. I’ve listened to NPR since the 70s and continue to do so so that I can form my own opinion. I watch the McLaughlin Group on PBS because that program is fairly balanced.

NPR and PBS fail to persuade me. I no longer watch the mainstream news media because they do not report objective reality. If they did, they would be aghast at the amount of money Obamacare is going to cost us on top of all the bailout money.

So let’s not be slinging the hate radio and hate TV sobriquets so easily.

Yes and no. I don’t think we can condemn entire networks as being hateful, but personalities such as Michael Savage do seem to promote hate.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone. What I mean is that television celebrities gets rattled up on topics and start calling each other by mean names and lashing out with these voices that makes me cringe. Maybe I’m just weak at heart, but the way people can act just seems immoral. I do not know their names per se so I can not back up what I say.

Either way in general, if someone tells you to stories just to make you mad at someone else, ad hominums, I think that’s wrong. Whether you are doing it for political reasons, for saving others, for social reasons, or just because you can, that seems to be promoting a world where it is okay to hate others. Aren’t we supposed to hate sin and love each other?

Ah! You mean late night folks that made mockery of Sarah Palin. I’ve seen brief clips on the net but I no longer watch anything on the main networks. No, you haven’t offended anyone - it just wasn’t clear where you were coming from.

Dale, I’ve heard of Savage but have never listened to him. Most of those guys come on way late in the night along with the UFO and Illuminati crowd. I have better things to do - like sleep.

So long as Air America is included in “hate radio”, I heartily agree.

But if you think Air America is fine, and Rush is hateful, then you’re just being politically partisan.

Do you mean you don’t watch the networks? I think O’reilly, Hannity and NPR are considered mainstream.

I have found other voices via podcasts. I agree, if these outlets were honest they would have this administration and the last one with their feet to the fire and they don’t.

I don’t watch TV or listen to talk radio at all, and i didn’t know there were shows where they actually sit there shouting insults at each other and being personally hateful about it. Why would anyone listen to that? But I have read some of the books by some talk radio hosts, including some of a book by Michael Savage. I didn’t find any actual hate in it. Maybe he reserves the mean-spirited tone for the airwaves.:shrug: The written stuff seemed impertinent, and even crept into the territory of pushing buttons at times, but it seemed to me more of a resistance to emotional control than hate of anyone.

I think they do it because they’re afraid. Fox News often has information that others don’t report, but when it gets too contentious, my TV came with a remote control that has a mute button, a channel changer and most importantly, an on-off switch.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

StillWondering, I agree with you up to a point; here’s where our paths diverge: Hate, however damaging a condition it might be, is at least an honest one. One can sincerely hate another.

I spent more than 25-years in radio and television. I didn’t meet enough honest or sincere people to field a basketball team. I have come to wholeheartedly agree with ex-Pro Wrestler Mick Foley’s assertion: Real Life is Faker than Pro Wrestling. Like Pro Wrestlers, these “hate hosts” have no real convictions. They’re just out to generate “heat” (as Foley would phrase it).

I no longer own a working television; I would only use it during the Masters and the British Open anyway. Talk Radio - especially so-called Christian Talk Radio (where I spent the last years of my broadcast career before I quit in disgust) - is completely worthless. If it wasn’t for the local EWTN radio station, I’d rip that sucker out of my dashboard. Father Groeschel and Simonetta doing the Rosary make it worthwhile to keep the radio in there.

When you consider St Paul’s words “… brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever modest, whatsoever just, whatsoever holy, whatsoever lovely, whatsoever of good fame, if there be any virtue, if any praise of discipline: think on these things,” there just is no reason to mess with radio or tv.

Thank you very much for your personal experience. I’m glad you clarified the difference between the “heat” generating hate versus real hate. To be honest, now that you have clarified it, I can see how I did not have a clear distinction of that before. In addition to showing my appreciation, I would like to express that it is the fake hate used to generate heat that eats me up. Basically it confused my heart.

How could someone want to breed hate in others! Real hate generates sympathy and questions from me when they are not directed at me. Real hate, directed at me, would generate pain and an immediate question of what did I do wrong or what is misunderstood.

However, this other type of hate that I see is so confusing because it is a smoke screen. I am left unable to respond. Neither can I be charitable to someone who wants to disseminate hate, nor can I be sympathetic and hope to resolve the other person’s feelings. It is an unfair tactic. :frowning:

Once again, my understanding is that our reason and body are given to us by God and we must cherish it. Disingenuous and subversive speech undermines that love for God and love from God.

Thank you for this perspective.

To me fear is probably one of the best times to learn about one’s self. My fear of God when I was young taught me that I am a sinner who is only worthy if God so deems it. This is true. However, at some point in life, I forgot this valuable lesson. I began to live a life of sin [even more sin than I have already lived :(] and away from God. Only did I fully return to God did I fine peace.

What hate dissemination brings about is the arrogance to ignore our own mistakes by fighting against others’ mistakes, whether real or imagined. That is completely against St. Paul’s wise council: “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” (cf Phil 2: 12)

My friend, if the devil was ugly, nobody’d want to follow him. Hate is a supremely dangerous and supremely addictive drug that Feels So Good when we take it…
…and because it has all these attributes, I have to remind myself to be more charitable to those it affects.

We feel terrific when the adrenaline is released and we can hate other races, other religious, other whatevers.

I got an e-mail the other day from a well-meaning Christian. It contained a link to a You-tube video that just Ripped the government blah-blah take back America blah-blah God-and-country blah, and it is our Christian duty to share that video with everyone we know.

Onward, Christian Soldiers…

It would seem to me that “hate” radio or TV would depend on your viewpoint on any particular subject. I have basically stopped listening/watching main stream “Valium” news and now get my news and information via a wide spectrum of news media ranging from the right through center to left. That way I can use my God given intelligence to listen, filter and analyse what I have heard or read therefore to come to my own conclusions.


…the implication being that only people who think differently than we do are capable of hate. It’s not hate when people who agree with us do it. It’s called “pointing out the truth?”

Perhaps college students have the most wise perspective on this: “If it ain’t gonna be on the exam, why should I pay attention to it?” When radio, tv and the print media, regardless of political leanings (as if Those mattered in heaven) start including things that will be on “the exam,” maybe they’d be worthy of our time. Apparently some churches should be judged in the same manner.

Well said, so well that it is not to be commented upon or added to.

Thanks be to God, I am being set free from that stuff as I continue to attend the Catholic Church (6 months now) and read Catholic materials and sources. Yes, there is a difference. The reasonableness, compassion and big-picture view is part of what drew me to the Catholic Church. I was a Protestant for 27 years and am quite familiar with the take-back-America crowd. It is much as StillWondering says, a refusal to examine one’s own conscience leading to an us-v.-them mentality. At least now no one is telling me I must submit to these folks. I hope I won’t get in trouble for anything I’ve said but it is what I have experienced.

Grace and peace to all,

Luminous Hope

Thank you God for showing us your Holy Catholic Church,

Grace and peace

Can someone offer a specific example of hate radio or TV? Exactly what are you talking about? What was said? Why is it considered hate?

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