Sometimes I hate my family so much I don’t know why. Although I feel I hate myself more. :mad:

I read somewhere about familiarity breeds contempt. Maybe that’s the case.

I know this isn’t good. I guess I just want to vent. Sorry.

Praying for you.

If familiarity breeds contempt, then there would be alot more divorces in the world. How do you think people can reach a 50th wedding anniversary if they felt nothing but contempt for their spouse? You may be somewhat depressed. I say this because you say you hate yourself more than you hate your family. Or it could be something else. I suggest going to a doctor and get an evaluation. Depending on your age, I may suggest looking for some other place to stay for awhile.

I had a friend in high school who’s parents went through a really nasty divorce. So, she asked to be put into foster care until is was over. It got her out of the situation, and she later returned to live with her mom. If you are under 18, this may be an option. But try to talk to your parents too.

Is it possible that what you hate is their behavior or attitude and not them? Often the people we love the most are also the ones that do the most annoying things to us. Why? Because they know we will put up with it.

Take some time to figure out what is really bothering you. Is someone abusive or just annoying? Are you just fed up because you can’t always have your way, or does a sibling seem to always get their way?

Sit down and OBJECTIVELY, figure out the good, bad and ugly; the kind, generous and best of your family, including yourself. Remember you can change your responses, not them. Work on your own ability to be patient and understanding. Take a moment to figure out what might be bothering your loved ones: worry about illness, money, their job etc. You might find yourself a little less critical and then a little less prone to ‘hate.’

confess your hatred, tell the priest your situation and ask him for advice. God bless, i will say a prayer for you.

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