What is in our nature to attack, individuals that we disagree with, especially when both sides claim to be christian, how is this christian or productive?

Do we have any studies, or a theology on where the hatred among many of our protestant friends come from, I mean again if we claim to be Christian than how can we have such hate dividing us?


If one doesn’t have divine truth to guide one’s actions, then one is left with the devices of the human ego. A small but very vocal minority of our Protestant brethren have allowed ego to convince them that theirs is the superior religion. Then too, there are a few Catholics who don’t always approach the world with a humble and contrite heart.

Bottom line…there’s a reason why pride is one of the 7 deadly sins.


Well, David has a good point but, if one leaves it soley on pride I think you miss a whole lot.

With some people it is scince pity. I know that Seventh-Day Adventist have this thing where the Pope is the Anti-Christ and the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon (and there are various other Fundamentalist and Protestant sects that hold to this idea) and see the Catholic Church as a true evil (no egos invovled).

Others think that there are serious problems with the Catholic Church such as coffesion, the pope, the nature of baptism, Mary, and so on and that we are likly to go to hell.

Olso some people are just plain cometive in a freaky way. They say they have the truth and want to go up to eavryone they can find that disagrees and pound it out in a footballsy way to some them otherwise.

But, I think a lot of it is, Just like StcsDavid said, Pride.


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