Hatred towards political opponents is a SIN

I know this is not world news, but CAF is getting out of hand. It has been months that it is all about Trump hate. There are a few who can make a valid point without hating the President, but only a few. It happened with Obama but not as continuous and
ferocious as with Trump. I would like to point out that it is a SIN. I was prompted to point this out after correcting a person who hated on former President Obama, and rightly so the person pointed out that out of all the hate in the forum, I corrected him.

According to the USCCB Examination of Conscience.

**Have I undermined the role of authority in the eyes of my children by speaking negatively against God, the Church, my spouse or others who hold legitimate authority over them?
**Have I allowed the Gospel to influence my political and social opinions?
**Have I fostered or nurtured hatred toward my “political” enemies, either local, national or international?

What a wonderful reminder. !~
God Bless,


Trump is a self admitted adulterer and predator, armer of extremist nations and “rebels”, science denier, and all around hypocrite.


Really? So does this mean you didn’t vote for him? LOL. Seriously though if

You oh Lord kept a record of sins who could stand?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

You may sincerely believe that, but if one claims to be a Christian, one cannot hate anyone. One may hate the sin, not the sinner. That is the point of the OP, I believe. It is hypocritical to claim to follow Christ, yet hate someone. We are to pray for our enemies, not show hatred toward them.

Hate is a word that is not used enough in the right way and expressed too often in a bad way e.g:-

I hate some of the things that people say and do, and it can make me hate them, because what people do and say comes from within; however, if we do not treat others as we would like to be treated, then we become hateful and subject to hatred ourselves.

We cannot be expected to like everyone and yet we don’t want to gain a judgmental disposition that writes individuals off as having no hope.

Jesus said to love your enemies. I think the more we respond with love, to those who are hateful and/or rouse hatred in others, the greater the prospect of gaining a forgiving heart.

There are those in political office or who have been that do evil. We all do evil right, sometimes. But political office is different because such people have a duty to serve a huge amount of people and therefore are required to act in a certain way suitable for such an office.

People ought to always be allowed to dialogue in response to what politicians do and say because of the office they hold - the position they are in. And we also have authority to speak and do as Catholics. But I agree that things can be put charitably even if the things politicians say and do are sometimes despicable.

Hate language as a personal attack is different to expressing fury towards an evil comment or act. I would call that just defense.

It’s not hatred, it’s statements of fact.

At what point however does criticism cross the line into hate in your opinion? I mean being critical of issues that have come up in the course of the person discharging the duties of his office is not hate. I mean take George W Bush, I was critical of him during his time in office, but I don’t hate the man. In fact I said through all 8 years of his presidency that he’d be the first former president from my lifetime I’d invite to a barbecue at my house.

Matthew 5:22 comes to mind.

But I say to you, whoever is angry* with his brother will be liable to judgment**

There are people that actually tell me here in Liberal-land (It’s a University town)
They HATE Trump. I have a friend who said he hopes he is assassinated in office.

I think those are the types of comments that cross the line.


Love the sinner; hate the sin. Or however it goes.

I agree that some of the anti-Trump rhetoric I’ve seen both on CAF and elsewhere, does indeed come off as hateful, especially the ones that express outrage over every Tweet or other minute gaffe, or focus on his personal life, or that of his family members. The scandalized reaction of many anti-Trump Catholics to the idea that Mrs. Trump may be Catholic, did seem over the top to me.

But I’d also note that many Trump supporters respond to ANY criticism of his policies with “you must be a bitter Hillary supporter who hates Trump beyond all reason”. Even when posters who critique Trump state they did vote for him, or at least did not vote for Hillary, or even are posting from other countries and didn’t vote for anyone for POTUS at all.

Ironically, although most Trump supporters identify as conservative, this “label all opponents as haters” strategy strikes me as very similar to certain LGBT activists who label all dissension as “hate”.

That’s the other side of this debate. Not everyone who critiques Trump is a bitter liberal who voted for Hillary and hates him on a personal level.

Guess someone should have told the tea party…Just hit up google images and search “tea party Obama”.

Plenty of hate to be had in the last 8 years.

If you do not see the difference between disagreement and hate, I suggest you pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you. My opinion matters not here.

Bringing the the Tea Party hate to counter your hate is not logical. Kind of like an Eye for an Eye. The fact that some Tea Party members hated President Obama, does not give a green light to those who now Hate President Trump.

Oh I see the difference, or what I view as the difference. It seems many even on CAF however do not. They view any criticism of Mr. Trump as hatred. Fact is, criticism of public officials does not equal hate at all. In fact it’s the duty of every American to question our public officials when we view them as doing something we disagree with or worse something that is outright wrong in our estimation. We do this for love of country, not out of hate for the person.

Since the election I added “thinking the worst of others” to my list of sins to confess. :o Hating a person is wrong in every situation so of course hating a politician is wrong.

God sees our desires as if they were actualized so if you wish the death of a public figure God sees you as a murderer just like if you struggle with sin but still fall, God only sees the desire for holiness. It goes both ways.

What hate? Saying Trump is an adulterer is a statement of fact, not hate. He has engaged in relations with women while married, there’s not really any disputing that.

Holding a sign that says Obamanomics, monkey see, monkey spend. That’s hate.http://www.blackenterprise.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2010/07/gallery11_a.jpg

It does seem that many on CAF, and even on other Catholic media, have fallen into the assumption that politicians and other public figures are exempt from charity, and thinking the worst of them is even better than they deserve.

I love Father Mitch Pacwa but his “politicians are obviously all crooks” shtick does grate on me at times. Sometimes he is obviously joking, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. I doubt he actually hates them, but I do wish he’d be more charitable, especially because other than this, his presentation of Church teaching is quite charitable.

Exactly. Obama is gone, it’s simply to me time to accept that and move forward as a country.

How we do that? I don’t know. If I did I might win a Nobel Peace Prize:D


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