Haunt Comic

Has anyone out there gotten a chance to pick up this title and what are your thoughts on McFarlane’s new creation?


Chances are, this is just me but why do I feel like I’m looking at the Spawn-version of Danny Phantom? >_>;;

Me I just see McFarlane reverting to his period drawing Spider-man which is one of the things that made his name. He’s always struck me as a second-rate talent from a dismal era of grim and gritty in comics. Mind you I’ll be fair, compared to Rob Liefield his work is genius level.

What happened to his right leg?

That’s the McFarlane magic at it’s finest. Notice my tongue is rammed so far into my cheek typing that it’s nearly coming out the other side.

i like the book even tho it is violent but the one thing i dont like is how the Priest is portrade in the story, i know its McFarlane’s creation but i just think is a lil to harsh… i know its fantasy :rolleyes:

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