Have a Blessed Lent!

I hope all of you have a very Blessed Lenten season with Christ in the wilderness! What have you given up and/or taken on this Lenten season?

And to you too. God bless you.

You do the same. I’m giving up red meat. I love hamburgers and roast beef poboys.

Thank you! I hope you have a blessed Lent as well!

I am giving up sweets and junk food snacks. Gluttony (or a love of food and sweets) is probably my biggest weakness, so this will be tough for me. I figure if I get tempted, I will pray. I made two exceptions–Valentines Day (since I know my daughter bought me chocolate and I don’t want to hurt her feelings by not eating some) and my birthday (I am allowing myself to have birthday cake on that day).

For what it’s worth, my daughter (8-years-old) is giving up ice cream and will be saying extra prayers. She will probably be giving up desserts in general though since I won’t be buying them for the house.

I also plan to make a donation to the Little Sisters of the Poor–but I am not sure how much just yet.

I am also giving thought to trying to live by the old Lenten standards as I read them in another post (which is fasting like today, everyday). I think it will be impossible in the long run. One week in Lent I am doing some expensive and physically challenging SCUBA training. Diving always makes me super hungry as it burns a lot of calories and this will be a technical diving class that’s pretty physically demanding. I think I will just do the regular abstain on Friday and not eat junk that week–but allow myself reasonable meals to keep up my strength.

I’m giving up salty snacks (chips & popcorn). I’m also going to use my Magnificat Lenten companion for daily prayer & reflection.

A Blessed and Faith filled Lent to you as well!

Im giving up, coffee,radio, I will be praying more and more listening. God Bless:)

I’m giving up bread. I’m taking on knitting a lap blanket (or two) for the hospital. Normally I mostly end up taking something on instead of giving up but when God told me on Monday to give up bread, all I said was yes and Amen. Monday and Tuesday I didn’t even want bread and I assumed I’d really want it this morning, but not at all.

The knitting thing is interesting too. I’ve been struggling with lung ailments for the past 7 weeks now and by knitting a lap blanket, it will force me to stay sitting and resting over the next few weeks. And as I knit, I am praying for healing for the recipient and it can only help me with what I’ve been dealing with.

I am giving up meat and my pillow

I’m not giving up anything, but I am going to try to add to my faith. I am going to read scripture everyday, pray the rosary at least once a week and go to church at least one extra day a week, in addition to Sunday.

I pray that all have a blessed, spiritually enriching, Lent.

I plan to fast on bread and water every Friday, as well as pray the Rosary daily (as well as read Scripture). I want to dedicate this Lenten season to becoming a holier, kinder person, in imitation of Our Lady.

I’m joining Fr Jonathan Morris’ Lent Challenge 2013.

I am giving up:
~ taking my laptop to work (mind),
~ foods with gluten as much as possible (body),
~ the vanity of coloring my hair (soul).

I am adding:
~ focusing on my college class and on getting an additional certification for work (mind),
~ increased exercise after I’m over my current condition (body),
~ praying the Rosary each day (soul). This will be the hardest thing for me for a couple of reasons, but I’ll be focusing my intentions on praying for Pope Benedict, the new Pope, and the Church during the transition period.

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