Have a Blessed Mar Maron’s Day, Everyone!


Thank you babochka. Those are indeed such beautiful prayers.


You might want to take a look at www.sancharbel.com

This site is a Mexican website but you can click the translation button for English.
I’m not sure if the prayers are the “collect prayers” but each of the Maronite saints
listed have a prayer to that saint with it. Blessings to you and yours!


Thank you!


I just saw on the ECPubs app that Feb. 14 is the Feast of St. Maron as well as St. Cyril, Apostle of the Slavs, and today is St. Valentine’s Day on the civil calendar. :scream:


Yes, the Greek Orthodox celebrate Saint Maron’s feast day on February 14, while we Maronites do so on February 9.


I celebrated his feast day on February 14 yesterday the same day as my birthday.


Hello, it’s nice to see you again. And happy birthday, I hope yesterday wasn’t too much for you; Valentine’s and Eastern Christian Saint Maron’s and your birthday. Not to mention the sad commemoration of Rafic Al Hariri’s assassination.


And, of course, Saints Cyril and Methodius.


Of course. I did not mean to leave out the Apostles to the Slavs. It’s just that their feast day is not on the holiday calendar in Lebanon, so they slipped my mind. Apologies.

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