Have a friend getting kicked out of her house


Please pray for a non-Catholic friend of mine who needs God’s guidance. Call her Lynn. She lives with just her mom, who is booting her out of the house, and Lynn is not that financially well off…she had been paying rent, but mom just wants to be alone as far as I can tell.

God bless all Prayer Warriors!!


Prayers for Lynn and her family - to come to some mutual agreement based on love and respect. May the peace and love of family be with all of them at this anxious time.


Prayers for her and her family.


My prayers for your friend :gopray2:




I’ll pray for your friend. :gopray:


I will keep Lynn in prayer…Blessings with Peace - Barb




I will keep your friend and her mother in my prayers.:gopray2:


Prayers for Lynn :signofcross:


Preaying for your friend and her family


I will pray for Lynn.


Prayers from my heart.
In my thoughts.


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