Have a Good Idea?

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Christ,

I work for a Catholic Television Network.
I have been trying to be given more responsibilities at work.
However It seems as if I am becoming less and less involved.
There’s potential for me to produce a show, if I have a Good Idea.

If anyone has a Good Idea for me please let me know.

I am not sure if God wants for me to produce a show,
but if anyone has a Good Idea for a show maybe it can go into production
for the benefit of God’s Loved Ones.

(regardless of who produces it)

Thanks and…

Have a Good Day

Edmund O.

No idea here, but saying a prayer for you right now. Maybe if you listen to what your community talks about…? :wink:

Look at what programs are already being produced and see if there’s an obvious lack in some area.

Is there something for people of all ages?

Is there a program on dealing with suffering and hardship? (Everyone needs help with that!)

Are all the basic teachings of the Catholic Church covered, especially the common objections – Mary, the saints, the rosary, The Holy Eucharist, the faith alone and bible alone protestant arguments, etc.

Is there a program for people to share their own personal journey of faith – I love those kind of programs (like The Journey Home on EWTN).

Pray for inspiration from the Holy Spirit!

Well we are actually going to have a relaunch of the network soon and we are going to have lots of new programming.

We have the Daily Mass and the Rosary throughout the day, and have covered the basics in one way or another.

Now we are kind of focusing on a more youthful approach to get the younger viewers more involed in their faith as well.

I like some of those Ideas I will think about them.

Also I was thinking about a show about the Ten Commandments, but I am not sure if it should be like a talkshow or if it should be like out on the streets, or should it be a combination?

Thanks and feel free to keep them coming.

Edmund O.

I realize you are probably short on money and people to work on this, but would it be beyond the realm of possibility to do a sit-com or family drama (like “The Waltons” or “The Cosby Show”) showcasing Catholic values?? I’ve often dreamed of such a thing being available, even played around with writing scripts (I’ve written novels, but never screenplays, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of it.)

Maybe work with a local Catholic school to get actors and input on something kids would enjoy (a la “Disney” or “Nickelodeon” type shows aimed at tweens and teens?)

Good luck!

It probably would require a host, one / two /three writers, and a crew, but how about something local??

How about doing a series of 30 minute histories of the various parish churches Cathedral in your diocese???

You could show the church, who built the Church (people always like to hear about their / others’ immigrant past), maybe something important in national or local Catholic history happened in your area, etc.

Same thing perhaps for your local Catholic schools; it might even get people interested in them and send their kids there if they knew exactly what went on there.

No one ever talked about this sort of information when I was younger (I’m 40), and a lot of these churches, dioceses, and schools have an interesting artwork and history to them.

I think this would really increase the pride of the Catholics in your area if they knew their history and places.

Another idea would be a some sort of local Catholic news show for your area that would cover all the faith related topics that the local and national secular news wouldn’t show.

It could just be a 15 minute daily program; maybe something similar to Ave Maria Radio (WDEO)'s news segments.

It could be a combination of national U.S. and faith related topics.

It really shouldn’t be too difficult with a few people working for your show, with all the Catholic news and internet information.

There’s a lot of news on abortion and other topics that never sees the light of day on network and local news.

Well, I don’t want to discourage you from the 10 Commandments if you’re going to do a theology program.

That’s a good basic topic, and of course you can format the show however you want.

If I could suggest maybe you could have a priest (an orthodox Catholic) go through the commandments.

You may even want to try to get Father Benedict Groschel’s Ten Commandment series from EWTN and just air those.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, while Bishop of Pittsburgh, did a series of shows on the Ten Commandments too (I liked Father Benedict’s better though :)) on his weekly program The Teaching of Christ.

Both men have really great TV personalities.

Are you looking for documentaries? I’d like to see it brought to public attention how EWTN is one of most difficult channels to get added to cable lineups in some areas. Here in Carbondale and throughout southern Illinois Mediacom persists in refusing to carry it, even though most other nearby carriers do. The “Thumb” of Michigan seems to have the same problem with Comcast. There probably are others.


Carriage expense and demographics do not support this apparent anti-Catholic behavior.

:thumbsup: Go with somthing youth related. What are local youth groups doing in your area? Maybe have them in studio for a Q&A show or to have a panel discussion with local priests/religious.

Keep with topics that are important to the formation of good Catholics and that impact daily life. This is somthing Life on the Rock has potential to do but so far is lacking.

Best of luck on your quest :knight2:

In reply …

Yes Money is a concern for us though our main concern is to do the best we can with what we have, to give viewers a television show about how to live.

With that in mind …We do need to consider the budget before we can actually produce a show.

Therefore although it would definately be nice to have a sitcom that would showcase catholic family values I think you are right that we do not have a budget for the type of quality necessary for todays way of living.

(I actually Love the Idea, however… Maybe Someday)

The Church & School Ideas are also good …we may actually do something along those lines.

The News Idea we actually have.

Documentaries are nice if we can find a topic of common interest among viewers.

I’ll say a prayer that Comcast puts EWTN into the Programming.

Also for all those who read this please pray that we get a decent pool feed of
(How we get coverage of when the Pope is in the USA.)

(That is something that we have also had lots of concern about)

Finally Please Continue to give Show Ideas…
If we ever use any of them I will be sure to let you know.

Edmund O.

I would love to see a Catholic show on Catholic singles in their 30’s and 40’s! I am so tired of it being all about the youth groups. What about those of us who are single and devoted to our faith? And I am not talking about Catholic singles and dating. I am talking about those of us living out our vocation as Single Catholics in their 30’s and 40’s??? As an age group I think we are very very neglected.

Praying to God a show about Single Catholics in their 30’s and 40’s happens!!


I havent read all the posts so sorry if this is a repeat but:
-Practical Apologetics (general)
-Apologetics for Teens
-Apologetics for pre-teens* (well something that helps them at their understanding level)
-Something to help teens and young adults feel good about their faith in this world of today (i.e. counter-culturall to the hedonism and materialism)
-Media Review Show from Catholic perspective (Movies, TV, Video Games, etc).

I think most of these could be done at a fairly low budget, the review show probably being the most expensive.

-A reality show about Priests (day to day life)
-A reality show about Monks and/or Nuns

I am glad that you mention about those ages.

Also the priest and nun ideas are also good ones.

If you do the shows on the churches and the schools, try and also emphasize how all Catholics, no matter their individual ethnic identity, are part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

A lot of these churches may have been built by a certain immigrant community (and may still be in those same ethnic neighborhoods), but there has often been a lot of population shift since then and now Catholics from all different ethnic backgrounds and races attend the same churches led by a German Pope.

I think it just may be important to reiterate (maybe even use / repeat the same footage at the end of every show, and possibly end it with a photo of Pope Benedict), because, I feel, as Catholics, we don’t really have a strong identity in the U.S. as a people.

(If you ever watch EWTN, they have priests / TV hosts from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and races, and sometimes also Eastern Rite Catholics.)

Well, I hope Comcast gets EWTN wherever you live AnotherSonof God.

We’ve had EWTN /CTND in the Detroit area for years (I grant that Detroit has one of the largest Catholic populations in the nation).

Comcast recently did work with the Jewish community in the Detroit area to start a Jewish cable network, Shalom TV:

OK, the link isn’t coming in well, but if you go to:

www.candgnews.com, and then search Shalom TV in the search box, you can read about how Comcast worked with the local Jewish community in Detroit, MI.

From the news story:

For Comcast, the launch of this new network is just another way to meet the growing needs of its customers, according to Patrick Paterno, director of communications for Comcast Michigan.

“This is a great fit for us,” Paterno said. “We add a variety of unique programming based on customer interest through feedback after periodically surveying customers.”

Comcast serves 24.1 million cable customers across the country and 1.3 million people in Michigan, according to Paterno. The Midwest Division and Michigan Region offices are both located in Southfield.

I would say there is a significant Jewish population in the Metro area, though I am not sure of the exact number.

In my opinion, I wish Comcast would work a little more with the Catholic community.

The above Comcast Director says he wants to meet the needs of his customers.

Even though we had CTND / EWTN, for years, the picture was basically unwatchable.

It was on Cable Channel 2, and then 3, with static, lines, picture went blank every 5 seconds, with the local TV network’s programming appearing in the background (known in TV parlance as “ghost” images) for months, even years on end.

(I’ve posted threads here about this)

It was the worst. I could only watch it if I videotaped it (and the taped picture was in black and white); finally, I couldn’t even videotape it.

When I called and complained, their rep said no one else had complained about it, and all they could do was send someone to my house to look at the TV.

Anyway, if you do have priests on the show you create, do not have them wear sweaters over the Roman collar.

I’ve noticed a few TV priests do these, perhaps in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience, but imo it doesn’t look good.

I think a priest should wear his habit on TV.

I think the Apologetics program for teens or adults would be a great idea too.

A lot of Catholics go to public schools (as I did) and there is no information about God there in the classes and schoolwork, except the presumption and implicit assertion that God does not exist.

I discovered a channel here, a couple of days ago, called “JCTV” and it’s a youth oriented Christian channel with lots of Christian music videos, Christian stand-up comedy, other interesting-looking programming.

I wonder if some things like that would be possible for us Catholics?

I once heard Fr. Corapi say, “Protestants do more with less.” So true.

Recently I have proposed an outdoor tv gameshow idea with religous theme, and they seem to be going for it.

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