Have ADD and am in dangerous situation


I am a woman over 50, have ADD and my brain shuts down when I’m under stress. I beg your prayers because I am in a dangerous situation. I am a firm believer in prayer because I can really feel my mind clear when others are praying for me, so please know you are in my prayers of thanks.

My family suffers from Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it’s much worse in males. I took care of my mother until her death and was treated abusively by them during her long final illness and after. I beg the miracle of forgiveness for all souls, because that will free my mind of resentment and bring God’s forgiveness.

I’m now living in a nearby town because it’s cheap. It is the Meth Capital of the USA. Hating Catholics is required. I have Fibromyalgia and low thyroid, low blood pressure relieved by smoking (ugh), an abscessed tooth and digestive challenges. Dear children of God, please pray for Christ’s peace and protection. I’ve been beaten, robbed, had my car and identity stolen, and consider myself graced by God I haven’t been raped because the sex tone is crass beyond belief here in the Midwest.

I’m sharing a tiny apartment with a former Meth addict who was violently raped as a child by a family member, has horrible anger issues and frightens me terribly. Christ has touched her heart and she has made such great progress. We both need help, and please pray that we can, in solving our issues, bring God’s help to others.

Pray that I can pray always, and be wholly holy, healthy, happy, safe, and find a steady income and be most wise with my resources. My body is locking up doing repetitive motion work at my job. I offer my pain in union with Christ’s for all our intentions. Thank you, dear souls, for coming alongside me in prayer. May the Most Holy Trinity lavishly bless you all. Thank You, dearest Lord, for these trials that they may instill in me Your perfect, loving patience. Thank you all sincerely and may God bless America and grant Jerusalem His perfect peace.


:frowning: You sound like you have so very much to deal with, but we’re all here with you through it. Praying for you!


Praying for you and your friend.May the Lord grant you peace and protection.:signofcross:


Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with you.
Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Reading your story…well some of us don’t have much to complain of in our lives.
How can I not remember you and pray for you, considering all you live through!


Wow, your trials are so many. Please try to remember the peace and joy of the season that comes from only Christ who became incarnate to redeem us,. I know He will bear your cross with you.



I will dedicate my Rosary prayer to you, so that you may have strength. I will say the Divine Mercy now for you, and you will be in my daily prayers.

~~ God Bless.


I pray for you and your friend, may the Holy Spirit strengthen and guide you both.



Your post very much touches our hearts and we’ll be praying for you.
I ask Jesus to be your constant companion and protector.

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