Have any CAF members seen the 1972 movie "Last Tango in Paris"?


Check out this review of the film.


Yes, I saw it. Why would I want to read a review of it?
It was an overly graphic, sensational and exploitative film about two people coping with difficulties in their lives.


I do appreciate your reviews !!! Top credit goes to this critic (@Tis_Bearself), on all subjects.


I am aware there was an infamous scene which involved butter


I thought The French Connection was a better movie & it’s mainstream compared to TLTIP.

Just to be clear… I don’t hate the movie.


I saw it years ago, but remember little of the movie.


There wasn’t much to it except a bunch of sex scenes, Brando crying over his dead wife, and the tango chase at the end.


A movie with a similar theme which is mostly forgotten is, “Say Hello to Yesterday”, it has one rather muted sex scene in it and is a bit of an odd period piece but a far better movie overall.


I’ll check that one out.


Very much a period piece and perhaps more accessible to a British audience but I personally think it’s much better than Brando’s overheated piece. Here’s a trailer for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78_5dW-beOs


I’ve seen it, and I don’t even remember that scene. It was a very boring movie. A total waste of money and time.


Yep, more or less my own feeling. Self indulgent and extremely tedious. I watched it just because of it’s infamy, rarely have I been more bored.


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