Have any CAF members watched "AKA Jane Roe" all the way through yet?

If so, did any interview segments appear to be taken out of context? This piece from Live Action News might be worth checking out.

I hope my DVD recorded it as I set it.

Watching it now and I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it all the way.

How do we know she didn’t take money to say it was all an act when she became
pro-life? She obviously has no credibility now.

She was dying so money is useless.

Didn’t she have children? They could have given her money to leave her children
when she died if she recanted that her “new” story.

Nope made me too angry. I will not watch the whole thing.

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It would make me angry too. I don’t think I could watch the whole film either.

I say that when the truth is revealed regarding funding, a certain “PP” will have blood on their hands - once again.

Good thing I need no annulment from the media.

Norma McKorvey has a very rough and tumble life, both before and after “Roe”. Various groups came forward to help her and to offer money, etc.

Do i think she’s a villain? No.
But I can see her being vulnerable enough to be nudged to say something that could be construed as “I was bought off”

And now she’s not here anymore to clarify.


Watched the entire thing.

Rev. Dr. Rob Schenck’ part in the documentary was powerful, talking about the tragedy in a humble, Christian manner.

It was odd that there was no funeral Mass, only a single priest at the memorial service celebrated by the Protestant Operation Rescue preacher. I see this happen every day (working for a parish) where people drift from the Church and do not want a funeral Mass. That said more to me than any person who appeared in the documentary.

Abortion has become so ingrained in American Politics that brings in the money for both sides. That was the real point of this docu.


As with everything we hear reported, be careful in what one believes.

Lila Rose of Live-Action has looked into this:

“I’ve been in touch with many of Norma’s personal friends - people who knew and loved Norma personally for years. They share that her conversion was real, and that she felt tormented by the deadly law that has led to the deaths of over 60 million children. #NormaMcCorvey

So, just for me, I am taking this news with a grain of salt.

To me, she could have accepted money and done this other. At the least, all I am saying is maybe we don’t have the complete story here that “some” in the media will tell us.


No funeral mass?

A certain celebrity priest recently said He held her funeral.


I think if I had never heard of her and she lived a converted, repentant quiet life would have been better.

Living in the spotlight cannot be easy under regular circumstances. I can’t imagine having to put your past sins on display. I couldn’t.

The video of her funeral was part of the documentary. It was evangelical protestant, with the celebrity priest stitting with two protestant clergymen.


Which is where I become suspicious.


As with all things related to the faith, I personally couldn’t care less. I choose to believe she was sincere (that is one longgggg con otherwise), but either way it changes nothing. If she was sincere, she was on the right side. If she wasn’t, she was on the wrong side. Murder is wrong. Abortion is wrong. It doesn’t matter if those who disagree outnumber those who agree one million to one. Right is always right.


Haven’t watched it but agree with all the above.
Plus read an article from someone who knew her for years (Federica Matthews Green)
who says that she strongly believes she was pro-life and her conversion was sincere.
She was also a very troubled soul due to her past childhood which was abusive.
Matthews-Green says if she was after money she could have made a ton more on the pro-Abortion side working for Planned Parenthood, etc as the pro-life side does NOT have a lot of money.
Also the evangelical minister (Rev Rob Shrenck?) interviewed in the documentary apostatized from the faith and became pro- choice pro LGBT,etc. He is solidly on the pro-abortion side now.
But basically, what Dr. Meinheimer said.

Check out this episode of the Council of Trent podcast, where Trent Horn discusses the Norma McCorvey stiuation.

Steven D. Greydanus has reviewed AKA Jane Roe.

I have no desire to listen to calumny, and I would hardly be surprised if she was one day canonized.

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