Have Any Non-Catholics Ever Read "The Passion Of OurLord, Jesus Christ" by Anne Catherine emmerick? And What Do You Think?

I was wondering if any non-Catholics here have read this unbelievable book written by Anne Catharine Emmerick, who saw the death in every detail of Our Lord Jesus Christ. She suffered terribly in her bed just as the Lord did. This true story is a bittersweet one because she suffered the stigmata and all the pains he suffered.
As a matter of fact, some of Mel Gibson’s move was based on some of her facts.
It is truly a book of exceptional faith and suffering from this holy woman. A true story.
This is the book I gave to a woman who was into Wicca for 12 years, she then converted to the Catholic faith after reading this powerful story. Have any non-Catholics here ever read any books as in such a manner? Please share your thoughts if you have, otherwise I do not want to hear non-believers or any people who want to insult this thread.

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