Have any of the Bishops guilty of covering up sexual abuse been Traditionalists?

Have any of the Bishops who covered up the child sexual abuse, or priest guilty of the wrong doing, have any of them been traditionalists (ie offering the Traditional Latin mass)?

Just curious, as it seems so far most of the bishops have been liberals.

What proportion of the guilty parties have been identified? I suspect there can never be an exhaustive list of those persons who covered up this wrong behaviour.

I hope that you are not identifying the Novus Ordo mass as “liberal” - if not, then good. This current trend in favor of the Latin mass seems motivated largely by some sense of nostalgia. The vast majority of abuses of all types within the Church have occurred when the Latin mass was the norm. That would be all of the centuries from the inception of the Latin mass until the 1960s. Latin is not a magic language and the Latin mass, as beautiful as it is, is not a guarantee of any type against abuse. If one looks into it, there were plenty of liturgical abuses before Vatican II. Many members of the laity prayed the Rosary during the Latin mass - a prayer in the midst of another prayer. Does that make sense?

I’m at a loss for words. Are you reasoning that a priest that does not offer the Traditional Latin mass is a “liberal”? Really?

The form of Mass, OF or EF, makes no one particularly more Catholic or less liberal.:eek:

I think those that prayed the Rosary during the Latin Mass, did it because they didn’t understand what was being said, ( unless they were lucky enough to know Latin), and that was better than just setting there in a fog. I know that’s why I did and I grew up with the Latin Mass. Even many of the Hymns were in Latin so I couldn’t enjoy them. I love the New Mass because I can understand what is being said and I can follow along fully. I say my Rosary after Mass. I have heard from older priests that there were abuses in the Latin Mass but we just didn’t know it. God Bless, Memaw

Well, there’s nothing in *this *post that’s baiting an argument, eh? :rolleyes:

I don’t think Bernard Law of Boston was a liberal.

Thanks, you’re the only one who even attempted to answer my question.

The reason I ask is not because the Novus Ordo is “bad”, but simply because the Traditionalists seem to be more hardline. I’ve never seen a clown Traditional Latin Mass for example. As far as I’m away, there’s no Bishop in favor of the Kasper proposal who is also a promoter of the TLM (perhaps I’m wrong. If so, please enlighten me.) Also, Trads generally seem to refer to the pre-Vatican II teaching about capital punishment and hell and judgement, whereas a lot of Catholics that I know who are against the death penalty also tend to take a more merciful and understanding approach. That being said, not saying one is right and the other is wrong. I’m just asking. I’m really surprised at the immediate judgement and presumption for a Catholic forum. Immediately it MUST be that I have an agenda. Thanks very much for the benefit of the doubt.

So please don’t assume I have an agenda. If you want to assume anything, perhaps assume the best until you have reason to assume otherwise. Assume I’m simply playing devil’s advocate here.
Also, please answer the question. I’m sure a discussion of the merits of the Novus Ordo and TLM would be very interesting, but it’s not relevant to the question I asked.

Capital punishment always was, and still does, remain an option, for it is not intrinsically evil. Whether the act is warranted is always subject to prudential judgement. It’s morality at a point in time can always we questioned. Eg. If it does more harm than good (a matter for judgement, not moral teaching), it is immoral.

Is it just me who is getting tired of this them and us nonsense between the Ordinary and Traditional Latin Mass? I consider the language in this thread baiting as well as inappropriate and insulting. What is going to happen to the smugness if the Holy Father decides the SSPX does not have to acknowledge the legitimacy of Vatican II and the New Mass?

Now to the question; yes there were abuses both by the clergy and the laity before Vatican II. I clearly remember some very questionable 15-20 minute Masses as well and I also remember a number of the congregation heading out for a smoke during the Homily. Yes, many of the original abuse accusations, few were actually validated, occurred before Vatican II but there have also been recent cases well after the “fixes” were in place. I was an altar boy in the '50’s and never once felt uncomfortable with any of priests nor did I ever hear of or see any inappropriate behavior.

Please refrain from any discussion of Tridentine vs. Novus Ordo on this forum. Thank you for your cooperation.

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