Have any of you thought about leading young people in Confirmation?

I don’t think I have to tell you about the state of instruction in the Catholic Church. It can be abysmal. I’m 21 and went through Confirmation not too long ago, and it was very fluffy. We need some teeth!

So if you’re knowledgeable in history, philosophy, and apologetics? Why not pray about it? The Church could use you!

I’d love to. Sadly there isn’t a single confirmation candidate in my (small) parish and hasn’t been for a couple of years.

The concept of instilling a good and vibrant faith into our youngsters is one of the big things in my thinking. I think we fail our youth dramatically by frequently ceasing all church teaching contact with them after First Holy Communion and as a result they get disillusioned and bored long before reaching the normal age for Confirmation, which is why so few adolescents make it through to this stage.

We desperately need a program of continuing catechesis, in particular when kids aren’t exposed to Catholic schooling or particularly effective catechesis at home. We need to devise appropriate age related curriculums devoted to deepening faith, teaching prayer, introducing the other forms of liturgy beyond just the Mass, etc.

Maybe then we’d keep our youth. Maybe then we’d even find a few more vocations to the priesthood.

I thought for a minute this was the apologetics thread.

What in this topic is in need of defense?

What better place to seek out and encourage people who are good at apologetics to use their knowledge and talents in instructing the young in our Faith.:):thumbsup:

DexUK, I am sorry to hear about that. :frowning:

How about anyone else? You guys can really change the world with this.

Been there, done that, and have several t-shirts. This is an often frustrating and sometimes satisfying endeavor. It really demands a “tilling the soil” mentality as rarely do you see the fruits of your labor.

Really? Tell me about your experience. How did you lead the whole thing?

I think I understand what you mean by frustrating, though. It requires a certain reorientation of the mind to appreciate apologetics, and without that shift in perspective, you’ll probably have a lot of kids simply not pay attention. I am trying to think of ways to help facilitate that shift, and the best that I’ve come up with is to give them an adversary, an “enemy.” This is kind of out there, I know, but think about it. If you have a rival, you will want to best him. Many Catholics do not know it, but we have A LOT of enemies trying to lacerate and tear down the Church.

I’ve always said that you have to fight for the faith in order for it to be really yours, so my approach will give them someone to “fight.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a small group facilitator for middle school students and for high school confirmation candidates in two different parishes. It was about 18 years spread over about 20. I used the curriculum that was provided to me with a lot of improvisation along the way. I had the extremes of a very participative and well behaved group (the most satisfying) to the very disruptive group to the unresponsive group (the least satisfying).

Interestng that this is here. I’m 16, and I might end up teaching CCD for second graders who are receiving their first reconciliation and first confirmation. I’ve already assisted teachers in that class.

…Of course, this is only a possibility. I’m not sure. I might not end up teaching CCD, just not second grade. Or I might not end up teaching. Still, it’s interesting that this thread is here.

It is a very giving thing to do, to give yourself this way now.
A good thing, and people like yourself make me feel it can and will get better and heal someday.

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