Have any pets enhanced your Christian living?


I am prompted to post this , because two years ago today I had to take my pet to the vets to be euthanized .

I had named her Holly , and she was the one and only dog I have had . I had always loved dogs , but work committments and other things stopped me from having one .

But when I retired I was able to get Holly , a rescue dog , not knowing that Holly would be used to rescue me .

I’ll say more about her later , but I am interested to know whether any pets have made you a better Christian .

Here is Holly - - - - -


She was gorgeous. Retired racing greyhound?

My dog turned up just at the time I needed to remove myself from a bad situation. She is a laekenois and takes no rubbish


I feel like Scarlet has comforted me in my darkest hours. She always seems to appear out of nowhere when I’m angry or distressed about something. She also hangs around while I’m in private prayer.
Halo is just a comforter so to speak.


My horses over the years when I was sad or angry or dissapointed…they were all for going fast and coming home in a better mood with me .:sweat_smile: plus they let you cry into their manes,standing patiently.


This was my Smoke. She meant everything to me.


I have had dogs, cats and horses :dog: :cat: :horse: . The distinct animal types show the wondrous creative mind of God and give us more of the many reasons to praise Him.


My Abbott: Loving, Intelligent, Funny, Tenacious…He has problems with his lower back and has had cancer. But he still manages to greet me everytime I open the door! :blush::heart_decoration::dog:

Oh yeah, and he :gift_heart:s his blankie!


Cats go to purgatory to atone for the sin of pride! LOL!


My cats show me many things about the love of God. And when I am feeling bad, they get me to stop thinking of myself and think of others because I need to care for them and feed them.
I don’t have any human family members to think of any more. It’s good to have someone, even if it’s animals, to get you out of thinking just of yourself.


Lions too?


She was a lurcher @Roseeurekacross , a cross breed with some greyhound in her .

The name lurcher comes from the Romany word “lur” which means thief . I soon knew why . :smiley:


One of the most heartbreaking things a Rabbi ever told me was that animals do not go to heaven. I told him if my pets don’t go there, I don’t want to go either. Realize I was about 9 at the time but I still feel the same today.


Scarlet will go for pride. Halo will go for sloth and gluttony. Lol


My pets have given me great joy, comfort, and laughs over many years. I, for one, believe God will deny us nothing we want in heaven, including our pets.


This is Lincoln. He is just a hippie.


Animals can be sacramental. They can point us to the Creator: Sometimes, when I am sad, my cats will appear near me, almost as IF to comfort me. It reminds me of God’s own comfort and compassion, as if He’s acting through them.


Thank you for adopting. My wife and I had a similar experience about 5 years ago. “Dextre” was the family dog…although I really do not believe these are actually “dogs” but rather our Guardian Angels. On the afternoon “Dex” succumbed to cancer, we saw a black puppy at our Vet’s adoption agency. At first I wanted nothing to do with the thought…but about an hour later we adopted “Nicholas”. It’s a little odd, but “Nik” has many of the characteristics of “Dextre”…mostly both were talking dogs.

Hmmm. I wanted to upload pictures, but as a “new user” I am excommunicated!! Anyway, Nik is now 5 and this last week we lost “Bedford”…15 years and 6 months…my best friend…a Weimaraner. Bedford was a ‘swimmer’ and actually jumped overboard (yes, with safety jacket) and ended up in a Dolphin pod. a half-hour after Bedford’s passing…there was a Rainbow Bridge…how I wish I could have posted this for you. It proves a mystical nature and bond given to us by God…


I love the lions. Realizing they are dangerous, of course, I would never have one for a pet, but I still love them.


Your dog is beautiful.

I have a little dog that talks in his sleep. It is so funny to hear, and I could swear he says “I love you so much.” He doesn’t do this when he is awake, but during dreams, I can see his eyes move. I think he’s having a good dream.


I once had a pet African grey parrot. I bought it, looked after it and fed it, talked to it and spent a considerable amount of time trying to stop it from ‘growling’ at me whenever I came within two feet of it! To no avail, after ten long years or more.
It absolutely swooned over any female, did tricks, ‘kissed’ fingers …
Eventually I was told that it was male and probably captured in its native country as a young bird and shipped over. Apparently hand reared African greys are often very affectionate I think to both human genders.

So any upside? Yes, it tested me. Sometimes the things/people that test us the most I suppose are the most rewarding.

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