Have Christians compromised too much this election cycle?

Reflecting on this recent election cycle, it is apparent to me that the Catholic positions on life issues are widely ignored and even despised. It appears to be political suicide to suggest that all unborn children regardless how they were conceived ought to have the right to be born. This is extremely sad.

Many Christians over the years have compromised their pro-life position by accepting an “exception for rape and incest” candidate because the other candidate was in favor of abortion to a much more radical degree.

Fast forward to this election and Church-going Christians have allowed themselves to accept a candidate that doesn’t even believe Jesus is God. Think about this and let it sink in for a moment: Christian church-going people compromised for a candidate that openly professes to practice a faith that teaches that Jesus is not God.

My question is this: Come next election cycle, what are Christians willing to compromise next time around?

I see a very dangerous trend and each time we go to the ballot box we are compromising a little more each time and eventually we will be compromising so much of what was unthinkable just a few years previously.

I dont even think America will see another election cycle…

You make some good points here…I am less and less tolerant of the idea of choosing “the lesser of two evils”, first because you are still left with an evil, but even more because it is apparent that such a view is a “slippery slope”. In this, one has to decide what is “evil” and then quantify or rank the “evil(s)” relative to other factors.
This Christian (including all denominations) might rank the candidates position on abortion as less important than his position on the economy or foreign affairs because he feels that these issues are more dangerous and immediate - and something the candidate address more quickly than an issue like abortion.
Such a person might say, for example, that the lesser evil is a pro-choice but fiscally responsible candidate and there is certainly some validity in such a view.

As to the matter of voting for somebody who does not believe Jesus is God…As long as such a person respects the constitution, I have no problem with such a candidate. The candidate’s belief in God (or lack thereof) matters little to me so long as that person is respectful of others and upholds the constitution.

All of that said, I’m afraid that in terms of Christian morality and fiscal responsibility, the country has already “crossed the Rubicon”. Dark days are coming and it will be far more important for Christians to draw closer together in common bond, close knit communities and work together locally to care one for the other…for the government will no longer be able to do so…it will be broke.


Well the kids who spent 12-13 years in the toxic environment of public education, and then came home to be babysit by the television set as it spewed out filth and perversion, are growing up and voting now.

I’ll be one of them soon. :wink:

But yeah, my generation is awful. Our country’s only hope is that Latinos stay faithfully Catholic. :sad_yes:

Thanks to the general failure of the America bishops over the last 30 years the Latino population of the US has been heavily converted to Protestantism. Overall, I see little difference between them and any other Catholic population in the US.

Hispanics tend to vote for left wing, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual candidates. White people need to start having more kids.

Have Christians compromised too much this election cycle?



But we also need to note that not all compromises are equal, some were far greater and far more serious than others. The actions of Cardinal Timothy Dolan was nothing less than shameful and represents a complete failure of his leadership. I do not question Cardinal Dolan’s authority or his knowledge but I do question his judgement. As I look at the recent pictures shown below I am left wondering just what could be so funny in a discussion with the most anti-Christian, most pro-abortion, most pro-gay-marriage president in the history of the United States who is attempting to rip up the Freedom of Religion? Is evil really that funny? I doubt that Jesus laugh like that when he was running the money changers out of the temple.



Many said in 2008 it was faithful Catholics who gave President Obama his victory margin. Right now political commentators are saying it is the emerging “minority majority” which Latinos make up the biggest bloc of who gave the President re-election.

Loaded question. Depends on what you mean by the word “Christian,” and the word “compromised.”

I don’t think it has to do with trending morality as much as it has to do with being played by the system.

American Christianity (Protestant and Catholic) has been on the decline since the mid-1960s and is continuing to suffer. Christians won a big battle with the Civil Rights movement and thought they could continue to leverage politics to win religious victories. Unfortunately the subsequent battles split us into two factions: ultra-left (mainstream protestantism and black churches) and ultra-right (Evangelical). Catholics got stuck somewhere in the middle all confused since neither left or right is within true Catholic moral teachings. Now the politicians use US to win elections instead of US using politicians to win moral victories. It’s an example of the needle using the man (if I may steal from Megadeth… muahaha!).

The other issue we face as a nation (and Christians) is wedge issues. As an example (not picking a fight) there are folks that are so fundamentally pro-Life that by their logic voting for the lesser of two evils (such as aforementioned Mormon candidate) is better than not voting at all. Just view how many accusations fly against each other in the political threads about “A vote for Virgil Goode is a vote for pro-abortionists”, even though Virgil Goode has a 100% pro-life voting record.

Politicians use wedge issues to keep the political divide between Christians open and it simplifies things. All politicians can now pretty accurately pin where their constituents in the Christian community stand and will pander to them appropriately for personal gain.

Until we all recognize this problem and refuse to be pandered to we will continue to be the pawns in American Politics and hypocrites for appearing to compromise our values.

I’m not sure if you watched any of the debates, but Romney made it a point to say that he worshipped the same God. I know for a fact that isn’t true. It’s possible that he believes that I suppose. But I know based on my knowledge of my own faith and that of LDS that they are not the same. If he’s just misinformed he’s misinformed. But is he just misinformed or was he trying to convince everyone that they are the same to allieviate people’s concerns about his faith. If he is misinformed about this - what else is he misinformed on?

Simply stated, a Chistian is a follower of Christ.

What I mean by compromised is that did we compromise what it means to be a follower of Christ by chosing between one candidate that doesn’t value pre-born human life from conception through nine months of pregnancy and another who doesn’t value pre-born human life in the cases of when a woman is raped or incest as well as not recognizing Jesus Christ as God (not “a” god as LDS teaches).

Would either of these candidates have been a president who would uphold Christian values? Is that not critically important for our nation?

This is an execellent example, one of which I struggle with. It does seem that nothing meaningful gets accomplished by compromising so much on key issues. As an example (also not looking to pick a fight) many African-Americans had been staying home on election day but turned out in droves this time to make sure their candidate would wn the election. They found a reason to come out and vote. If pro-ifers just stayed home - maybe we’d get the same respect too…but then again how many decades passed by before the African-American community found it worthwhile to come out and vote?

A wedge only works when there is a force is acting against it. So, understand what those wedges are and be creative in solving problems in other ways. The politics of abortion (for example) are a weedy mushy bog. Not much will be done or succeed there by political means. Take a look at 40 Days For Life campaigns. The prayer efforts are producing results quicker than any political action.


Look for the best political candidate each and every time. However, never hope in a politician. :nope: Live out Christian values and much will be done.

God bless

He’s not misinformed. He was a bishop and a stake president and knows his church and its teachings very very well. He knows exactly what they believe about Jesus–and they do NOT believe Jesus is God. They believe that our God is one of many, and he comes from a planet near the “star” “Kolob”, where he lives with his many wives and they have constant celestial sex to produce “spirit babies” for transplant to earthly bodies. They believe that this God. called “Elohim”, came to earth to have relations with Mary to produce a body for Jesus to inhabit. They believe that if we follow the church teachings that males will get their own planet to rule over when they die, and will have numerous heavenly wives just like they believe our God does–thus their saying “As man is, God once was–as God is, man will become”.

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