Have disabilities and would like to marry

I have Aspergers bipolar and seizures. Been catholic five years. Would like to marry my Jewish fiancé I am active in my young adult group and a greeter. Before Becoming catholic I was non denomination. My mom encouraged tubes tied also doctors and the youth group I was going to for disabled was ok since it hard for us take care of kids . I know it sin I did confess it I’m also half Jewish and my fiancé Jewish we love Disneyland and would like to marry my autistic friend married Down’s syndrome girl he had vasectomy. They live with her parents enjoy sex. People like us probably easier than natural planning and we have good moral reasons. We want my fiancé uncle he messianic rabbi to marry us it be free my priest said if I get married outside church I loose communion Messianics is Jewish Jesus Jewish I’m worried it like so much more things are bad and I’m good girl.

We are open to life maybe adopting but who would adopt to disabled people

I get depressed and worried all the time now . RCIA was great but now it like higher expectations then my past church Calvary chapel after RCIA I enjoy Eucharist being in the picture home. Now that with Jewish man I’ve gone and seen messianic services and we do Hanukkah and Passover as Aspergers I like fullness and roots my dad Jewish .
Yes I’m sterilized yes I want marriage . When I’m bipolar and other times rosary helps
My animals Disneyland working out cooking reading.
Church rules open to life yes jewish is open to life

Maybe I’m unstable at times wondering if five years I ago I did right thing coming to catholic then I love Jewish. I love my cats and Disneyland Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh .
I was in hospital ten days in August for seizures I’m thankful for Eucharistic ministers that brought me the Host. God made me for a reason I feel lost running all these different directions. God is here her King David and Elijah got depressed too.

Friedlander79 Deb Lipsky talks about her conversion to Catholicism. Many things included that may not pertain to you, but she too has Aspergers. She too is Catholic.

Possibly she will have some good insights for you. Her personal Testimony is here.

Deb Lipsky was involved in some very intense spiritual warfare things (such as coming out of satanism) so this may not be for you either.

But given the fact that she related her Catholicism and Aspergers may be interesting to you too, I just don’t know.

Other talks of her’s too here.

Deb Lipsky has her own website here and has contact items here. Deb Lipsky has even written a book here which has received very good reviews.

She gives a comedy talk about her and her Autism which can be seen on the web here.

Her items may not resonate with you (as again, she had other issues going on too such as this intense spiritual warfare) but with her being Catholic and autistic, I thought I’d throw this out here for your behalf.

God bless.


Well, since you’re on a Catholic forum, most of us here would encourage you to be Catholic. :slight_smile:

Thank yes encouragement to stay Catholic am I’m fascinated with Judaism am read and buy Jewish cookbooks .

Thinks for the stuff on Aspergers . Sometimes it discouraging being differeńt disabled made a couple of friends I’m the only disabled in the young adult group. They drive can get married can have better jobs kids. I gave my priest info on Aspergers . Also with seizures I’ve had seizures at church they have been very helpful . I was in special Ed so my fiancé .
I wish I could adopt or have kids . There are teens at Church with more severe forms autism. I’m a greeter and so is my cp friend. I want so much to have a normal life I’m 34 my mom still helps me drives me places gives me allowance.

Sorry to be harsh but this, in conjunction with other things you’ve said, make me think it’s perhaps not the best idea for you to have children - not right now, anyway. You don’t sound like you’re mentally/emotionally/financially prepared to handle a child, especially not a disabled one. There may be others with worse autism than you, but you must also factor in your bipolar disorder, your seizures and your apparent dependence on your parents.

I think it’s great you would like to help disabled children, but perhaps there is another way you could do so, like through volunteer work.

Have you talked to your priest about this? That’s what I would recommend.

Sorry but I can’t tell from your posts if you are male or female. When you say you are sterilised what have you had done?

I had my tubes tied two years before I became catholic. I am a 34 year old female. My doctor my therapist and my mom plus my bible study for people with disabilities advices it. It would be risky to have children since I have seizures and have bipolar when I was a kid I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome I wasn’t diagnosed with Aspergers till 30. I been to mental and medical hospitals. My priest knows me . I act silly burp and fart in public my fiancé and other parishioners don’t think gas is funny.
He works at good will I am on disability for seizures. My priest knows my Jewish fiancé .
I also on tons of meds . My fiancé has learning disabilities . We both depend on our parents.
I know Jesus / I’m half Jewish too my last name FRIEDLANDER is Jewish . I celebrate catholic and Jewish holidays Yom Kippur Passover Hanukkah and Christian ones. I have had some people even some of Ericks friends don’t think I marriage material cause all my medical issues but his parents loves me . It depressing . The priest said we got to marry with dual faith since he has done Jewish catholic wedding before. I wish we could marry at Disneyland they even have Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse walk down isle. Why are catholic weddings picky. I don’t think priest would want Mickey and Minnie Mouse there. We love Disneyland my fiancé goes to mass and thinks about joining .

Yes even though I’m catholic marrying at Disneyland would be my dream weddings .
When you wish upon on star is our song . ( Pinnochio)
With these disabilities I feel like Peter Pan I never grew up or more like dumbo he was different always made fun of had big ears then he found the magic feather and became a flying elephant. I know Jesus loves me and has and for me God led me to Catholic Church for reason weather I been nondenominational catholic God madero unique and I understsnd Eucharist and thankful for Mary.

You sound like you’re happy with your fiance and that he’s supportive, which is good :slight_smile:

However, the fact you say your fiance is also dependent on his parents reinforces my belief that maybe having/adopting children in the near future isn’t the best idea - unless your and your fiance’s parents are happy to play a big role in raising them.

I would agree with Joe to talk things through with a priest.

Marriage is a big decision and so is conversion to any faith. Pray and talk to your family/ friends, the people you go to for advice.

sounds like you need to speak to a priest about getting married and if the church would find it valid since with your tubes being tied the marriage is closed to life
Also catholic marriages should be performed in catholic churches not Disneyland
You and your fiance should talk about him converting to catholicism he could still celebrate jewish holidays and customs just he would be more on the same page spiritually speaking
Also is your mom ok with you getting married? whom would you live with? Since both of you are dependant on your parents

Sit down and have a talk with your parents and his and him about these issues you have

Prayers and have a blessed night

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