"Have Faith" - TV show, ABC, 1989

Does anyone remember this show? I was in graduate school and starting my business career at the time, so I didn’t watch much television. I don’t recall ever seeing it or having heard of it.

Nice opening credits.

Is that Bruce Boxleitner?

Don’t know. I wouldn’t know Bruce Boxleitner.

He was in ‘The Scarecrow and Mrs. King’ and ‘Babylon 5’.

Added: anyway, it’s not him - it’s somebody named Joel Higgins.

I don’t remember it, but I liked Joel Higgins. Looks like he’s playing essentially the same character he did in Silver Spoons.

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Without the arcade games, giant train running through the family room, or Erin Gray. No wonder this show didn’t do well.

Yes that show could use some Erin Gray.

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I haven’t heard of it.

Maybe it was syndicated and not available in many markets.

The priest in the beginning scene is he the dad from Silver Spoons?

Yep, Joel Higgins. SS was the high-water mark for him, from what I remember. Had a bunch of other young actors on it interestingly. Jason Bateman, Alfonso Ribeiro, and on the other end, the rich, deep-timbered voice of John Houseman.

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I forgot Alfonso Ribiero was on Silver Spoons.

This was dubbed into Italian shown on Italian tv. This was called “My friend Ricky”. Diff’rent strokes” was called “My Friend Arnold”.

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Or, if you will, Different Strokes for different folks, perhaps?

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‘Il mio amico Arnold’? It should have been called ‘Che parli tu, Willis?’


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