Have Gnu Will Travel

Have Gun Will Travel (and other classics) are now available online courtesy of CBS.



Clever of you to use as a title for this thread the contents of a little known telegram sent by Noah to his son, when the son inquired about the time of departure of the Ark, and how Noah was doing rounding up one particularly surly creature:

Dear Japheth STOP
Have gnu will travel STOP
Love Noah STOP

I just had to say something before someone else did. :smiley:



Seriously though, thank you for the link. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of a gentleman gunfighter. Paladin is a great character.

Can you help me out recalling the origin of the series name “Have gun - will travel”? In the recesses of my mind I remember some sort of colloquial phrase that went “Have X – Will travel”. (Perhaps it had something to do with someone looking for some type of employment?)

What was the original phrase: Have X – Will Travel??

Anyone know?

Yet another occasion to regret not taking typing in high school :frowning:
Of course, the spell checker didn’t catch it because gnu is a word. You have to admit “Have Gnu Will Travel” might make an interesting show, I can just hear the director “taking a meeting” to pitch it to the network.


But would it be a sitcom, drama, or game show?:popcorn:

Have tools, will travel. Ad for work in the classifieds


Ah, the travelling gnu…Indeed, an inspiring sight…

And, to the poster above me, a self proclaimed heretic? How very ridiculous. Madmen don’t think themselves crazy, and true heretics think it is not themselves, but rather, the rest of the universe that is heretical. They find themselves perfectly orthodox, just as the madmen think themselves perfectly sane.

Uh oh. There may be a copyright battle over the title.

voting is in and you have won the “best thread title of the year” award (and it is only February), good work.

Is it hard to travel with a gnu? Do you need a special trailer? :wink:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

A gnu.

What’s a gnu?

Nothing, what’s a gnu with you?

I was almost hoping that this was a reference to the old Gary Gnu show…“Where no gnus is good gnus”…used to be on NBC Saturday mornings in the 80’s.


On archive.org there are Old-Time Radio versions of Have Gun Will Travel with John Dehner as Paladin. This series came after the TV series and are in effect re-runs. They come in MP3 and the free-format ogg-vorbis (for those GNU Debian Linux users).

Thanks for the link! I noticed that Twin Peaks was one of the programs offered; one of my favorites.

Hysterical topic line; I vote with puzzleannie. And the business card is great, too.

gnu.org for the Gnu Operating System. Have Gnu (on Laptop) Will Travel.

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