Have Haugen/Haas been used in Lutheran hymnals?


I am one of those who cannot stand any music by Marty Haugen and David Haas. They are Lutheran, but most of the current Catholic hymnals are full of their awful songs.:eek:

To any Lutherans out here on these fora, have your hymnals added their awful songs? If yes, how much are Haugen/Haas songs used during your services?


Why don’t you like them? Just courious.:slight_smile:


Insipid hippy-dippy bad folk songs.:eek:


I’m sure the Lutherans use them. And I like some of their songs.


I think I’ve seen a couple of their songs in the Lutheran hymnal. I’m not sure which songs they were.
EDIT: Looking at a list, none of them look familar, but I think I’ve seen them looking at the list of names in the back of the hymnal.


If you get a chance, could you look them up in the hymnal when you go to service? :slight_smile:


I was under the impression that Haugen had converted to RC.


I have not seen any information about this on the web. It really wouldn’t matter, though. The music is still awful.:eek:

I have seen from various articles on the web that Haugen/Haas music has been used by Protestants as well as Catholics. I am curious if Protestants dislike their music as much as Catholics.


While I am a Catholic, I am currently in the employ of an ELCA parish that just got the new red Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnals. They appear to be the Gather Comprehensive Hymnal for the Lutheran Church. Although the ELW hymnal is loaded with the classic hymns, it’s also loaded with the Haugen/Hass/OCP/GP/New Dawn Music standards. The congregation of the Lutheran church I play for does not care for the “new music” the pastor is having them learn from the new ELW hymnal. They prefer the old classic hymns.

BTW, could you provide evidence that Haugen and Haas are Lutherans, please? I thought David Haas was a Catholic, and I’m pretty sure that Marty Haugen has at least been a Catholic, although he does hold some sort of musical certification in the ELCA.


This seems to be a matter of taste. I am Catholic and I like their music. It is alot more fun to sing than some old 19th century dirge. Most of my choir agrees with me.
What are some of your favorites?


Holy, Holy, Holy
Now Thank We All Our God
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Praise to the Lord
Sent Forth By God’s Blessing
This Day God Gives Me
We Gather Together
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
O Sacred Head Surrounded
Faith of Our Fathers
Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art
Come, Holy Ghost
Blessed Assurance
Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling
O God Our Help in Ages Past
Sing of Mary
Come Ye Thankful People Come
For All the Saints


Hmmm… as I said. So you don’t like any new music? What about Foley, O’ Connor, Schutte, or Sullivan-Whittiker?


No, I don’t care for their music either. It is not even easy to sing. The classics are easy to sing no matter if one is a soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass.


So as I said, it is a matter of taste. I don’t care for most of the older music. To me it is boring to sing. I do like some of it, but I would rather sing something more contemporary.
I know at our parish, our choir is more contemporary as is the Teen Life Mass, the 10:00 Mass has the traditional choir which sings more of the songs you mentioned.


David Haas is Catholic. He has written two masses (that I know of), and while some may not like his style of music, the lyrics are very sound sacramentally and theologically.

Style of music change. When the organ was introduced for sacred music, most folks thought it was of the devil. When harmony began to be introduced into the church, it was a huge deviation from plainsong chant, as was also thought to be evil and unfit for the mass.

The 150th Psalm states that we are to praise the Lord, and can do so with all types of musical instruments and voice. But type and style of music is purely a matter of taste.

It is helpful to be reminded that old classic hymns were once new folk songs at the time of their introduction, and that Mozart’s music was shunned by many because people were of the opinion that a drunkard and glutton’s music had no business being played in the church.

Lyrics need to be doctrinally and theologically sound. No such standard exists, however, for style and genré of musicality.





I did not know, but I still don’t like his music.

Lyrics need to be doctrinally and theologically sound. No such standard exists, however, for style and genré of musicality.


For Haugen there is no excuse. His texts are woefully ignorant of Catholic thinking … His music is even worse, for a whole array of problems that can be measured either by technical analysis or by the Duke Ellington rule: “There are two types of music, good and bad, and you can tell them apart by listening.” from this site mgilleland.com/music/moratorium.htm#Comments


Why don’t you take one of his songs, do a technical analysis, and then post it here? Let’s really dig into the music theory of why his music is so bad.


I am not a professional musician, so I would be unable to do a technical analysis on music theory. Perhaps somebody else may be able to do so.


Then you don’t get to claim his music is bad, “for a whole array of problems that can be measured either by technical analysis,” if you lack the tools to analyize it technically.

If I were to do an harmonic analysis of Gather Us In, arguably the most overdone Haugen hymn out there, and Holy God, We Praise Thy Name, I suspect that the harmonic structures would be equally basic and uninteresting.

If I were to take a Psalm setting from Haugen, which have arguably bad or improper texts, and compared it to Holy God We Praise Thy Name, I would expect to find the Psalm setting to be very interesting and theoretically “forward” from an harmonic stand-point, whereas Holy God We Praise Thy Name would remain basic and uninteresting.

What would then determine “good” music? The harmonic analysis? What people like? What music theorists define as modern, appropriate, or in compliance with music theory rules (which Holy God We Praise Thy Name undoubtedly follows probably to a fault)? What people can sing?

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