Have him concretize


In a description of the priesthood of Jesus Christ, The Society of St. Pius X website mentioned:
The Society must therefore orient the priest towards – and have him concretize in his daily life what is essentially his raison d’etre – the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with all that it means, all that flows from it, and all that complements it.

Please explain about the priest concretizing.


Have you ever heard of a book called a dictionary? It’s much quicker to get the definition you need from it than it is to wait for someone to define it for you. Moreover, as for a word like “concretize,” it’s fairly simple to infer its meaning from its root and its suffix.



Make (an idea or concept) real; give specific or definite form to.



In the interest of being charitable and courteous; I sense the question is based on requesting an explanation of the context of the use of the word “concretize” ; not necessarily the literary meaning. Just guessing.


Unnecessary tone.


It means so many things:
that a priest should keep his promises
show us Christ in his life
live Eucharist
show us all its meaning


Perhaps as sacraments are said to be outward signs of inward grace, it means he should seek graces and demonstrate them (make them concrete, seeable to others, able to influence others) in the way he lives his life.

For all that we like to argue about abstracts, it’s the concretes in life that matter to people. My grandparents who were non-Catholics turned Catholic because their neighbour who was a Catholic war widow was so serene. She made them think there was actually something in this faith.


Their aim is to make sure that every priest, down to the mitochondria, understands his vocation in life is to bring the sacraments to the faithful. First, and foremost, the celebration of the Mass, where, through his consecrated hands, he brings forth Christ in the Eucharist, to nourish the souls of the faithful.

Men, and a majority of humanity, for that matter, have a processing delay. Because of this, we don’t rush them into commitments. Like teachers, we have to wait for that ‘light to come on’ so they truly understand what they’re getting into.



Do we really have to write like this? This can turn many people from the Church really quickly. :shrug:


Concretize: to walk the talk


It’s quite difficult to get the tone from the written word, but I can almost hear the sneer in this post.


I must admit I didn’t take it as a sneering tone,
I thought it was simply saying “Pick up a dictionary”
being that it is, at times, a faster way to get an answer
than waiting online for one.
I posted (:rotfl:) because this can be true at times.
I think it was simply a mistake by bardegaulois
and myself about the OP’s question.
it was at first taken as a basic “what does this word mean”
but reading it in a different light suggests that it
is more of a philosophical question than a simple one.

If my response was also taken as ‘in poor taste’
then I apologise to you CyrilSebastian,
it certainly was not meant to be so.



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