Have i been stealing?

so, the government gives people with disabilities some funding every month, if you are unemployed.

my mom made me apply for it, way back, a lont time ago, when I was 18 or so, since she thought it would help while I was in university.

and the conditions were you had to declare any income you got if you gotr hired for a job

but I have gotten student loan money and grant money and also sports carding for being on a team, which the government lady asid in the beginning doesn’t actually count as income, so I thought it didn’t need to be declared. but I found out recently that you’re supposed to declare anyways on these monthly stubs that I didn’t even know were coming in the mail since my parents don’t always tell me when I get stuff in the mail

I don’t think they would have decucted anything from the disability funding but I still feel bad about this. now you can do it online which will be easier to do on my own.

was it still a sin?

I don’t think it was a sin at first; you were doing what you were told. Once you found out otherwise, you should have. Probably be best to fully disclose everything now. And be sure its right; you might be looking at an audit. But as long as you are forward and honest, you should be fine.

I doubt it would be a sin, best when you do your tax,
speak about it to your tax agent,/ accountant , My father had a tax accountant many years ago , he had a sign on his office wall which read,
Tell me the truth and leave the lying to me !

What was your intent?

Your intent was to do the right thing, This is no sin.

If you intended to defraud the Government then you had bad intent.
and that would be a sin.

from what you said here, your intention was to do the right thing,
so you are ok. (sin wise, I don’t know about your Gov)
(the government lady said in the beginning it doesn’t actually count as income,)
Then you told them all about it and they decided, not you.
but now that you know, you must be thorough in revealing all money
acquired as stated in their forms.


You live in Canada.
So far those living in Oz and Texas have replied.

You need to find someone who is knowledgeable about Canadian rules of protocol in this matter.

I’m sure you will find plenty here.

well now that I do know otherwise, that’s the plan

and if I had known, I would have.

I wasn’t trying to hide anything, I just didn’t realize that you had to report things that weren’t considered income also. unless they changed the rulew about that from before, that’s also possible

Since you mention disability, you are probably dealing with Service Canada, so you may want to look at Service Canada’s proactive disclosure program, which allows you to correct any errors without incurring a penalty, but before they initiate any action. servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/common/disclosure.shtml

Clearly, if anything at all, it was a mistake, and if there was no overpayment, then there’s little or no moral issue that I can see.

That said, when dealing with voluntary disclosure programs, be it with Service Canada, the CRA or whatever other government agency, never do it alone; always use the help of the appropriate professionals (i.e. accountants, lawyers, or both).

it’s similar, but provincial. specific to the british Columbia ministry.

I even checked the web site and it only mentions income and assets which athlet’s assistance and student loan are not a part of. but some friends who are also part of the program said it is so I’m very confused. I’m going to go in to the office to clarify.

I really didn’t mean for this to happen. I thought I had gotten the right information. but I’d better make it clear now before anything happens

if it is a sin though, I don’t know if i’ll be able to make restitution for this. that would be a lot of money

guess it’s my fault for trusting my parents to pass on this information to me which they clearly didn’t

Which is why my advice should stand. If you feel you made any errors (and I seriously doubt you need to worry about it from a moral perspective), have an accountant help you. Do not voluntarily disclose anything on your own. Call me paranoid, but you (1) do not want to actually end up disclosing what you don’t need to disclose (and end up paying more than you should); and (2) you don’t want to get yourself unnecessarily flagged such that you increase your chances of getting audited even though your filings are in order.

I think your best bet is to go through this with an accountant to get the paperwork ironed out. If indeed you were overpaid, then you can voluntarily disclose (again, with professional help) and likely arrange a payment plan.

well I called them and it’s quite simple, I’m supposed to reporet any money I get and they decide if it counts as income or not

which now means I have to go back and find records of past things.

and as I expected, my parents are not happy about it. they think I should have told them first so they could find “another solution” but I feel like that involves dishonesty. and I don’t want to get them more involved then need be.

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