Have I commited a sin by not attending my local Parish?

I moved to another state a month ago (I’m in Australia) and the whole city is under the same diocese. I attended my local Parish the first Sunday but other Sundays I’ve attended a Parish 30 minutes away because it’s run by the Passionist order which I’m looking at becoming a sister in. I attend different Parishes during the week for daily mass depending on what’s convenient.
I recently read I should be attending my local Parish so have I sinned and do I need to register at the local Parish?

You can attend Mass at any Catholic parish anywhere in your city - or the world!

And no, you don’t have to register in any particular parish, although for people such as those who want to get married or have their children baptised/confirmed/etc in a particular parish, or enrol their children in the local Catholic school, it may help.

Of course not! You can attend mass anywhere you want.

I also attend mass at a church 30 mins away every Sunday, as they are one of only 2 churches in our archdiocese that offer English mass. Plus I needed a change, was not feeling motivated to attend mass at my home parish church just 5 mins away. Last time I went to mass at my home church was Easter 2012. :blush: But it very much rejuvinated me as a Catholic.

I still belong to my home parish though, that’s where I was baptized and confirmed. I still pay contributions and participate in Small Christian Communities and all.

I don’t understand why you think this is a sin. Perhaps you misread whatever it was you were looking at.

No you have not committed a sin. You may go to Mass at any parish. I have a home parish but frequently attend Mass at other parishes in the diocese.

Some dioceses require you to support your territorial parish, but that doesn’t mean you have to always attend there. No sin.

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