Have I commited mortal sin?

I am a teenage boy and for several years now I have been constantly tormented and harassed by this one person at school, but for the past year he left me alone, until the end of the year, when he returned to make life hell again. I have been incredibly angry and violent, I have even made elaborate, violent plans for revenge. (I confessed that, and I never actually jumped this person as I was planning.)
My anger is still there and gets very extreme at points. I know extreme anger is a mortal sin. I’ve had many violent fantasies about hurting this person in addition to the general anger. I am reasonably certain that I have committed mortal sin with my anger. Have I? If this is so then I have also taken communion unworthily which is mortally sinful in and of itself. Also, I often have very sexual thoughts and fantasize about sex, I know it’s sinful but is it mortal or venial? I try to avoid thinking about this stuff but it comes and I sometimes just indulge and think about it.

I am pretty sure I am in a state of mortal sin and I need to be absolved. Am I correct?

Hi, MM,

It is not sinful to have feelings of anger toward a person who deliberately causes one pain. It sounds like you haven’t had the benefit of discussing this with an older person who night be more objective about this guy’s motivation. He might feel very intimidated by you and is actually quite insecure. Understanding the dynamics of what is really going on can help you understand the situation better and it can also reduce your anger.

If you are reasonably certain that you sinned, then go to Confession. If the thoughts are involuntary, (this also goes for sexual thoughts) then there can be no sin. If you deliberately fantasize about wanting to sin mortally in any way, then this sin is mortal also.

Incidentally, you write well.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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