Have I committed a Sin?

Hello all, I am kinda stressing out about this so I am typing this quite quickly basically, I was searching images for a youtube video work I am doing and when I typed in I saw an image of a naked women, after seeing this I quickly changed the filter on Google images to filter explicit content, the web page refreshed and I thought problem averted, after scanning some more of the images I found the exact same image of the women I then closed the window down.
The object I was searching for wasn’t linked directly to anything sexual, I was searching for Ninja, and my youtube name is MoistNinja (It is not in the sexual term, as in not wet but damp, it’s a long story), I was seeing if anyone had made a picture of a ninja who was, well Moist or wet(It’s sounds stupid to me now but thats what I searched). And majority of images showed T-Shirts or something there was only one explicit image that I saw and did not return to see if there was more.

The thing I am worried about is because that explicit image came up and I saw it, did I commit a sin by looking upon it, and then seeing it a second time despite me filtering the search settings, is what I did a Sin or was it just unlucky that the Search didn’t filter properly and I saw that image a second time.

Did you linger over the image, or just accidentally see it, then turn away each time? Did you just have a natural reaction to the image, or did you give in to lust? It’s not a sin to accidentally see something, have a biological reaction without willing it, and immediately turn away. And it’s not your fault the filter didn’t work. But now you know. I avoid image search engines for that reason. If it’s a near occasion of sin, especially grave sin, don’t use it. Kind of stinks, but it’s a small sacrifice to make for the sake of our relationship with God.

The first time I saw the image it took a couple of moments for me to realize what it actually was then I immediately turned away, the second time I saw it out of the corner of my eye and just immediately closed the window down. It is just kind of annoying that a filter is there to stop such images from appearing, and it fails to do it’s job.
Thanks for the speedy reply.

I know, it’s really annoying. If you didn’t consent to anything, it doesn’t sound to me like you committed a sin. It’s probably best at this point to focus your mind on something else. Maybe Christ’s Passion for a little while.

Well I would like to Thank you for your responses you have put my mind at ease,I wish you all the best in the future.


Look: when we give deliberate consent, we know it. It’s a moment, no matter how long or short, in which we clearly tell ourselves: “This is wrong”. Then we reply: “I don’t care, I want to indulge in this”, or “Yes, enough with this.”

It seems to me that there was no indulgence in your thoughts at all!

Why, the sin is not in the picture, but in your choice to indulge in lustful thoughts.

I am to a degree amused that this happened to you, because I have similar issues…sometimes when I am most tempted, I search for something quite normal and I get some weird stuff in the results…the adversary sometimes thinks he’s funny :o

As long as you were not seeking them on purpose, and upon seeing them, you simply didn’t care and moved on, there was no sin whatsoever! Not even venial! If you indulged for some instants (a natural thing since our fallen nature is attracted and enticed by temptation) but without a deliberate consent (as I mentioned above) and then finally chose to shift away (refusing consent), then we have at most a venial sin :slight_smile: Pray the Confiteor and be at peace :thumbsup:


Not a sin if you did not give in to the temptation. It is not a sin to be tempted. Amen you passed a test!

As I have kinda been stressing a little bit about faith and sinning (I think the word is scrupulous or somthing) as soon as I saw the image and realized what it was I immediately looked away and changed the filter options, so is that a venial sin or not even a sin at all?

Are you worried that it was a sin to looked up that term you used, or are you worried that it was a sin that you saw the images?

In the first case… if I understood you right, you did not think of anything sexual when <ou amde up the term… if you knew when you started the search that such images might come up I guess one could say that it was a bit dangerous (putting yourself into near occasion of sin? ); but it sounds like it didn’t even occur to you you were surprised when the naked picture came up… so it was not your intention to see any naked women nor did you expect to see any, so I can not see a reason for sin there.

When you saw the pciture, you say you immediately adapted your filter, which was a wonderful and fast reaction (you said you had to look at the picture for a while until you relaized what it was… that of course is not a sin; a sin would be if you looked at it knowing what it was AND with the CONSCIOUS INTENTION to feel something sexual.) Also in the second instance you said you immediately turned away from it. You did NOT like hope to see it again, continue the search IN ORDER TO see it again, etc. it was against your will that it came back again.

The only question is whether maybe it would be better not to continue this search because there seems to be a big danger of such images coming up even with good filters… but I really am myself not sure of the answer here, probably you’d have to ask your priest/confessor this… the question then being is it too much of an occasion of sin for you, or might you be strong enough to continue to resist all that temptation, and would it then be ok to risk it? I am not sure here. Maybe it also depends on how important the search is?? But in any case it sounds to me like you have reacted wonderfully when the images did come up. You 1) tried to stop them - filtering them out and 2) looked away immediately, not taking the chance of them having an effect on you. As I said, whether or ot the risk of continuing the search is too great or not even when you seem to be so strong resisting the temptation, that question i cannot answer

Are you able to change that name for youtube? Whether you meant to or or not, it has a loud sexual conotation (that I find personally ewww). These are perfect opportunities to take a stand against the devil by removing his ‘tools of trade’ so to speak. Think of Matthews advice… “And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.”

It’s a small sacrifice really but what a stand for God these little sacrifices make!

Not even sin, it seems :slight_smile:

I agree, the name could cause others to think it is meant sexually (which would be scandal?) so I would change it if possible.

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