Have I committed A Sin?

Ok so I am kinda getting to grips with different things but I still find my self occasionally worrying over things heres the deal, I love Napoleonic Times and I was listening to a tune called the Lilliburlero March and I looked at the lyrics and was singing along to the March (My First Time Seeing the Lyrics as I was singing it when I noticed this) “O but why does he stay behind?
Lilli burlero, bullen a la
Ho, by my soul, 'tis a Protestant wind”
I sung this then realised wait Protestant, did I just denounce my religion by accident or something like that, so yeah I’m kinda stressing about this, please just tell me I am worrying about nothing, I didn’t mean to denounce it if that was what I did
Have I committed a sin? In hind sight I probably should have read the words first before starting to sing it but it’s done now so, have I?


PS- I suffer from scrupulosity and anxiety and I have talked to my priest about it and I am making progress but every now and then I kinda panic about this

Well, I think you already know the answer to this one. You worry too much. Have you ever been diagnosed with OCD? :hmmm:

I suffer with anxiety and I would say I am scrupulous I am making progress on not stressing but on certain occasions it just catches me, Thank you though for your answer:thumbsup:

I agree with Christy Beth.

Rest easy. The phrase “a Protestant wind” refers to the favorable winds in a couple of battles (one involving the Spanish Armada, one involving William of Orange, according to Wikipedia), and using the phrase is not necessarily an endorsement of Protestantism. :wink:

One can say (or sing) words without necessarily subscribing to the import of them.

If you had to believe every word you said, how on earth would actors manage to do their jobs if they were playing a ‘baddie’?

You could try bringing this up in your next confession. Who better to answer you than the priest himself?


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