Have I committed Gluttony?

Hello going to make this quick in general I do not generally eat that much I eat when I feel hungry but that isn’t that much, I have breakfast, a snack at lunchtime, dinner and then a snack or two if I feel hungry until the time I go to bed.
But I heard about gluttony being like eating unhealthy so i googled it and it said over eating to the point of excessiveness, I mean I don’t eat for the sake of eating most of the time I only eat when I really feel hungry and even sometimes I don’t even eat then.
But I also saw that one one part it stated about longing after sauces or spices with food and I am the sort of person who usually has some sort of spice or sauce with pretty much every meal that is cooked.
So now I am stressing out that I am committing gluttony and, this is my life style so is really having spices of sauces with meals sinful or?

I am kind of stressing out as I just recently ate a bacon roll with some sauce in and now I am worried, any answers?

Reason, the virtue of temperance, and good judgement of conscience can guide one in ones eating. Though it is to be noted that what is contrary to temperance for one is not for another and as at least one Saint reminds us–this is a area that is a difficult one where many struggle.

Also note that often one is dealing with venial gluttony --not serious (an example of serious gluttony is loosing ones reason via being drunk…). It is important to note this for some get confused on this subject.

We should seek to live by virtue here and to eat reasonably…

Individual acts of overeating…intemperance (gluttony in this sense) are “ordinarily” a “venial matter” for venial sin…

(Now certain uncorrected habits that cause at least in the short term serious problems can become grave…like perhaps your doctor tells you if you keep eating 7 pieces of cake a day you will seriously harm your health or drop dead…in three months)

One example of gluttony that are grave matter…being drunk to the point of one losing ones reason …

Spices and sauces can be *fine *to use. Such is not per se gluttony. Now if you start insisting that you will only eat the finest choice things…well that is getting into a not good approach.

So Gluttony is like kind of like the constant overeating every day to the point of almost addiction I suppose where you are overeating every day past the point of fullness for the sake of eating.
And Sauces and spices are fine to use but when it gets to the point in which you refuse to eat things because they “aren’t good enough” is gluttony.
Am I right in thinking this, forgive me as I am only 16 and I do not yet understand all of the terminology in context.
See as of now I just had 2 rolls as I was hungry now my stomach feels full and I feel like I no longer need to eat, so individual cases of overeating is not a grave issue but it’s more when it becomes a habit, I must add that I rarely eat to the point where I even feel bloated let alone sick.
Thank you for your time.

Is eating to the point in which you feel you are full, overeating also, as the definition is Overeating generally refers to the long-term consumption of excess food in relation to the energy that an organism expends.
For example sometimes on special occasions say if I go out for a meal or Christmas dinner I eat and after the meal I feel like I do not need to eat for a long time is that overeating?

No – not even necessarily when it is a habit. One can have venially sinful habits…

A teenager may need more to eat than me at 41.

We are talking about uncorrected habits that will cause at least in the short term --some serious problem.

*Key reason and the virtue of temperence. *

And remember too food can be an important part of social life and of celebrations etc.

Eat well and enough and do not overly stress :slight_smile:

Sometimes it can be hard to judge…do not stress over things but use reason and seek to eat well and not over do it.

Ok thank you, I myself am 16 years old and I am rather scrupulous and it just kind of worried me thank you though for your patience and time.

It sounds okay to me.

Your welcome. Anytime. Such is yes an area some can scruple over. I encourage you to lay any scruple aside in this.

In terms of scruples the age old practice is to have a regular confessor who knows one to direct one.

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