Have I done something very wrong?


After My mom told me that she chose to have no husband, because I’m still in college, I gave her an advice to stop dating, stop having premarital sex, and start a relationship by undergoing courtship, of course she said: “she doesn’t deserve any of what I said.” and “I don’t have the right.”, I guess those are kind of true, but she continues to have premarital sex with her boyfriends, and said that: “she knows what she’s doing”, maybe I may be out of line by advicing my Mom, of all people about premarital sex, she’s a loving and caring Mom, she takes care of us all here, I’m in the Philippines and she’s in south korea. I feel kind of sad because she thinks that what I’ve said was to “get back” on her for not encouraging me to date. Please help analyze the situation for me.

One more thing, if your Mom is a loving, caring and helpful Mom, and she says: “I know what I’m doing” when she continues to have premarital sex with her boyfriends, no matter what her family and her friends tell her, is it wrong to just help her realize that what she’s doing is against God and all creation?

I don’t want to feel guilty about advicing her (of all topic) about sex and courtship, but if I am guilty of sinning against her, then please help me to realize it so that I may be forgiven.



You are well within your rights to inform your mother of church teaching- that said, if she’s beyond convincing at the moment I wouldn’t belabor the point, lest she become further alienated.


Your mom is a big girl, and she knows what the Church teaches. Pray for her, be the most loving son on planet earth and let the Holy Spirit do His work in her.


I agree. You have expressed your concern for your mom and she knows your moral standings. While it may be difficult for you to observe her behavior she is an adult and she must make her own decisions. I don’t think that you have done anything drastically wrong but it is time to back off of the discussions and lead by example. If she brings up her promiscuous behavior then you can comment with your disapproval. Good luck and God bless…teachccd


It's not your job to educate you're grown mother about sex.

If whoever she is having sex with is abusive....Then it's your job as a man to show him a thing or two:thumbsup:


[quote="Bishop93, post:5, topic:171705"]
It's not your job to educate you're grown mother about sex.


mmmmm.....it's not all about the sex, it's about the relationship(s), no?


Yep…Read the second half of my post.

If the “relationships” are abusive then it’s the OP’s business…If not then it’s not his place to tell his mother what to do.

He expressed his opinion…His hands are clean.

What she does now is her own deal.


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