Have I invalidated my confession?

So I went to confession on Monday and one of the things that I confessed was self harm. Basically the way I put it was that I had never exactly cut after a certain occasion, but I had self harmed in other ways on two other occasions.

The problem is there were more than two occasions. I went in with a written list, and when I wrote the list, I was thinking of two specific occasions. But then I realized that there were more than two other occasions (at this point I would guess at maybe 5 or 6, though I only remember 2 specific occasions), this was the day before I went. But I forgot to change it on the list. Then when I was actually in confession, I was reading that line and I did remember that there had been more than two other occasions, but I just kept on going. I didn’t want to go back and reiterate so I just said “at least, that I can remember” because although I did know that I had committed the act more than twice, I could only specifically call to mind those two occasions.

So that was a disaster.

I would just mention this at your next confession.

If you had no intent to conceal sins, your confession was valid. You can mention this at your next confession if you now believe that you omitted something relevant.

Please get help for this dangerous condition. God bless you.

If they were mortal, simply mention those remembered sins, already absolved, next time.

It wasn’t anything serious. I’m starting to question whether it was even mortal at all because I certainly did not do any serious or lasting damage. And I haven’t done it in quite a while anyhow. It’s not a habit, I just happened to be in a really emotional position and didn’t know what else to do.

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