Have i lost my way?


:confused: I havent been very observant of my faith in my life. I attended mass a few times as a child. I feel as though i have neglected a very important aspect of my life and with some things that have happend in my life in the past few years i started to question myself. and my faith. i DO believe in god however i feel that his presence was lacking in a few situtations that shoudnt have happend. My daughter was put into a horrible situtation that i had no control over. That was the main turning point in my life. I want to get back in touch with my faith and take it alot more seriously.
Sorry for rambling so much. i didnt expect to say so much in my first post. But thanks for taking the time to read it


Faith and strength to you, my brother? in Christ!

There’s truly nothing like finding that rocky road again and walking upon it while looking at the guiding light!

May your angel of the Lord give you his arm over to help you over the stones!

May you take the steps to see your journey home to the finish! :slight_smile:

I first went to confession when I was in my twenties. It was a long haul to there and mass, and I thank God for it, may my soul thank Him every minute.

  • St. Joseph ora pro nobis. Ave Maria.


I came back to the Catholic Church after a whole college career + of debauchery. Don’t lose heart!

Here’s a prayer to try: the Divine Mercy Chaplet. You can read about it here thedivinemercy.org/message/. Basically, Jesus came to St. Faustina and told her to tell the whole world about how He longs to forgive us and bring us back to Him. Try saying the Chaplet a few times. It’s hard to come back sometimes, and a reliance on Christ’s mercy and love will get you through the hard stuff.



You’ll feel white as snow after repentance and confession.

praying for you…


Seeker, when bad things happen it doesn’t mean that God’s presence wasn’t there. He is there to bring us through suffering, not necessarily to avoid it. Bad things happen because there is sin in the world, not because of God.

That’s wonderful that you want to grow in faith :slight_smile:
I suggest firstly going to confession and receiving Communion, and then trying to pray as much as you can… pray the Rosary… just talk to God in your own words… go to Adoration… read the Bible… whatever you can, take little steps, and don’t get discouraged :slight_smile:

God bless you.


i am prepared to take the long arduous journey. I do need to find myself with god once again. i know that i strayed and it was all my doing. i dont blame anyone for my actions. Thank all of you for your support it means alot to me. thank you so much.


Sorry about spelling and grammer errors. ha im not the best speller


Catholics Come Home


Jesus is celebrating and preparing a banquet for you, now that you have returned home.

Pax Christi


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