Have I made a bad confession?


Earlier this week, I may have put myself in the near occasion of mortal sin. In response to headache, I lied down in bed and hugged my pillow, knowing that impure thoughts almost always come when I do that. I could’ve tried other ways to relieve my headache but felt too lazy/exhausted to try them. When my family attended Mass later in the week, I chose to receive Communion because a priest had told me not to “frustrate” the sacrament of Confession because these sins are habitual for me. He told me to confess every two weeks and to take Communion even if I fall within those two weeks, as long as I tried to make a perfect act of contrition. Other priests have suggested or at least implied similarly.

However, almost immediately after taking the Eucharist, I began to have second thoughts. So I went to confession today. I confessed a mortal sin and mentioned impure thoughts but did not specify the above incident or that I had received Communion. I did not forget them but felt that they weren’t worth interrupting the priest a second time, but I felt that I should have after the absolution.

Is this the Holy Spirit working on my conscience or the devil taking advantage of my scrupulosity?

You need to follow the counsel that your priest gave to you. This is especially important for those who are scrupulous.

I will say a prayer for you.

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